Illegals With a Sense of Entitlement

So we have a group of illegals who feel that they are entitled to free transplants…

They have started a hunger strike that they say will continue until the CEO of Northwestern Memorial agrees to meet with them. Okay, no reason not to meet with them. I would ask that he not yield to their demands…

There is no reason whatsoever for illegals to get free healthcare. If they pony up the cash, you bet! Perform the services that are needed.

If these people want to go on a hunger strike, that is fine. Treat it like a child having a tantrum, let them go through it and don’t cave in. They have two choices, eat or die. I personally don;t care, other than it is a shame when someone loses their live.

We cannot afford to keep giving away the farm. It is bad enough that we have enough fuqtards in power that they are getting far too many services as it is. To the politician who feel that criminals are more vital to our nation that those who are supposed to be here, “FUCK YOU!” They are illegals, they are to get nothing from us. no, no lo hagas! ¡Vete al cuerno! (I chose Spanish since it seems to be the predominant language used by illegal immigrants. I do understand that there are many languages involved, but I am not going to translate them all here.)   Had they entered the country legally, my position would be very different.

How does a state opt out of Obamacare?

Okay, I know that we have been flooded with Obamacare news and debate.

One of the questions that has rolled around quite a bit, deals with states opting out.

Does anyone have a clear answer for how a state can opt out of a federal program? Is this to say that they are going to decline the federal funding in its entirety?

If the expansion will go to 90% (after it comes back down from it’s ramp up) funding, that seems to be a good deal when you consider that the current funding it 57%. Of course looking at the percentages can be deceiving when the over all cost has risen by x percent.

If you know of a good OBJECTIVE source for this information, I would like to review it.

I have found the toughest part is trying to find that impartial resource. I did go over the law itself, but it is too packed with crap, like most federal legislation.

Should our military be using service animals?

This comes from an article I found on MSNBC:

Now, I am a fan of both animals and our troops.
I recognize that service animals are a wonderful and useful aid to people (when they are not abusing the system).
I also recognize that our troops develop some really nasty situations serving us from all over the globe.
Here is the rub, should our service members have service animals? I can see it from the VA or other after care organizations, but I do not expect service animals for active duty personnel.
I was infantry, I would not expect that my battle buddy would need a dog to jump on him in case his CPAP (sleep apnea mask) came off in the night.
Can combat troops do their jobs with a service animal?
We know that when in the rear, our troops have more luxuries than in the field. Who will care for the dog during deployment? Will the dogs that are attached to airborne troops have to jump too? Can they do a PLF (parachute landing fall)? If rover makes a mess on the floor, does he do pushups? or does his patient?

When I was in, we would have been bounced out due to the issues that these animals are providing services for.

Donna Summer – RIP

Another sadness in the music industry….

Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco has lost the fight with lung cancer.

She may have had her Last Dance, but we will remember her Hot Stuff for a generation or two.

My mother was working for a theater when Thank God It’s Friday was released. I think I saw the file a dozen times or better.

Though there was the backlash against disco, her music stood above much of the field.


One of many giving what they can to help kids have a better life


One of my co-workers is taking a step to raise funds for a good cause.

He is raising funds for St Baldricks. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

In addition to his time, and money, he is giving his hair.

His hair goes to the cause next month.


If you are in a position to help, please consider using this link for more information .

Additional words from Butch:
The cause is a very worthy one. We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another, and the thought of a child having to go through this is mind numbing. It takes away their childhood and in most cases destroys the family’s finances and the dreams they had for the child. Research has increased the chances of survival greatly and more and more children are able to beat their illness, but the fight for a cure for all types of cancer continues and it requires funding.

How far should debt collection go?

When you go to the emergency room and get admitted for your ailment, you give out quite a bit of personal information right?

Don’t you have a reasonable expectation that that person that you are talking to is an employee of the hospital? I know that I sure do… It seems like HIPPA if nothing else would demand it. In fact, it DOES prevent it.

How would you feel if you discovered that it was a debt collector that you were sharing all of this information with?

Should you be delayed intentionally from getting the care that you need?

to quote the Yahoo article:

While hospital collections increased, patient care plummeted, the employees said. “Patients are harassed mercilessly,” a hospital employee told Ms. Swanson. Another hospital employee complained, “We were told if we don’t get money from patients, in the emergency room, we will be fired.”


I will be adding Accretive Health to the shitlist unless I see some compelling argument not to.