Smoking cannabis in bars?

Well here is a fun topic to play with.

According to KATU News the Washington State Legislature has a proposal to legalize smoking cannabis in areas governed by a liquor license.

Lets think about all of the different directions that this can take.

There are a ton of positions that an individual can stand on, along with internal rips.

Here is a substance that appears to not have carcinogenic concerns, not physically addictive, is legal within the state for adults…

Is this an issue of liberty, state rights, health, state revenue, business rights, parental rights, or something that I have not thought of yet?


Is the state looking to do this to put business back in the bar to help with the losses from the liquor not being sold by state run stores? Could it be so that cannabis has an even stronger sales base from which they generate revenues for the state coffers?


Personally, I am pro-cannabis and pro-liberty, but I have to stand against this idea.

How much second hand smoke does it take to cause someone to fail a UA?

I know that I would be pissed if I lost my job because I spent too long in a bar with people smoking pot in close proximity. I remember sweating bullets when I saw Pink Floyd in RFK Stadium and the place was all a buzz so to speak. I did not smoke it myself, but only because I had an Army physical the Monday after the show.

It is great to have rights and privileges, but we cannot infringe on other’s rights in the process of enjoying ours.


Here is a notice form the Liquor Control Board on the proposal:


I hope that it stays up, the page from KATU and KOMO have been pulled down.


stealing the text, just in case. This writing does belong to Noah Bond and the KOMO Staff.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A proposal to legalize marijuana use in bars could drastically change night life in Washington state.

The state Liquor Control Board discussed the issue Wednesday morning in Olympia and is taking public comment on the proposal.

The mood inside the meeting was somber and slightly contentious. One man spoke up when he should not have to make a statement – but was met with flat stares by members on the board.

Marijuana use could become more commonplace in Washington if the board decides to allow marijuana consumption in bars licensed to sell liquor.

Currently, state law prohibits smoking marijuana in public view – but that could change under a proposed revision to Washington state code made last October. The proposal would allow anyone the right consume any type of marijuana in a liquor-licensed business.

The revision was proposed since some bars are already letting customers smoke pot. And many people are OK with the idea.

“My biggest issue with marijuana is with kids being exposed to it. And if it’s in bars and stuff and can be monitored legally, you know, maybe that’s the best way to go,” says Randy Reeves of Olympia.

But not everyone is supportive.

“I like going into a bar and not having cigarette smoke, and I don’t want to get into a bar and smell marijuana,” says Suzy Scuderi of Olympia.

Marijuana consumption in bars could be commonplace as early as late January if the rule change gets the green light.

Wednesday is the deadline for Washington state residents to comment on the proposal.


States and Nullification of Enforcement of Federal Laws

Does anyone else see this trend of states getting fed up with the federal government and enacting legislation (or coming close to anyway) that nullifies federal laws?

I find it interesting but a little unnerving.

Does this bring us closer to my concerns of civil unrest or rebellion?

  • More than a dozen state may be nullifying Obama Care
  • Missouri – The governor has a bill to consider nullification of federal gun laws
  • Kansas (and others)- passed a law that guns made and owned in Kansas were exempt from federal firearms laws
  • Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana possession and use.
  • Washington legalizes gay marriage
  • Pennsylvania –  may be nullifying federal bans on some weapons and ammunition
  • or even the opposite, states try to help the feds by trying to enforce voting or immigration law and the feds can’t permit THAT.

I am sure that there are other examples.

So if states won’t enforce the federal laws, then I guess the feds will have to ramp up their staffing to be able to enforce their own laws.. What a concept.

At some point, the federal government went feral and now the states have decided that they need to take back some of their domain.

Do we see an end to this? What other areas will states start to take back?

How will the feds compensate for their losses in power?
The federal government need to constrict its size and power.

Will they have a flippin’ temper tantrum and over-react?


Things that are debated while stoned

Just for fun, I snatched some amusing questions:
Which gets you baked the most when you smoke out of it: joint, blunt, bong, one hitter, bowl, or hot knives? Which one of these methods do you like to use to smoke herb?

What the best herb you’ve ever smoked was like.

Which movie/music is best after smoking?

What’s the most improvised munchie you’ve ever made?

Does smoking nicotine while high get you higher than if you didn’t smoke any nicotine at all?

What happens to you when you smoke and drink different types of booze?

Which gets you more high, hash or bud?

What’s the best brand/type of rolling paper for joints or blunt/wraps for blunts?

What’s the best thing to do while high?

Where’s the strangest/most unique or risky place you’ve smoked/gotten high?

420 – certainly a much celebrated topic


Before I start I want to take a moment to remember that this is the anniversary of the shooting at Columbine HS. God rest their souls.


April 20th, 4/20, 4:20… It has become such a strong cultural (perhaps just sub-cultural) reference.

putting four and twenty together often causes snickers from teens.

Can you think of good cannabis related songs? I am not looking for a collection of links to videos either.

I would much prefer the titles, maybe with the artist if you know it.


Here, I will start it off with a favorite of mine: The Devil Went To Jamaica. (I wish I knew it well enough to do that one at the bar, but with the regular lyrics on the screen just to hold the surprise.)