What is the controversy in 13 Reasons Why?

Over the last couple of days Gigglez and I have binge watched “13 Reasons Why” (https://www.netflix.com/title/80117470). The general premise is simple, yet quite complex.  A high school junior commits suicide, but before she does, records a series of audio tapes. These tapes involve all of those that contributed to her… Continue reading

Sexuality discussion from Facebook

This topic comes to us from the Facebook page: I think we all know that it is far tougher for a lady to achieve an orgasm. There are some obvious mechanics that need to be fulfilled to allow the ladies to acheive what we men can achieve with ease, sometimes… Continue reading

It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today. Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap. We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding. After the shower we… Continue reading


I was trying to keep the last few posts health related as we prepare for Food Revolution Day… Lets call this relationship, sexual, psychological, and emotional health related. For those of us that have been married or in serious relationships, we know that we need to keep things fresh. We… Continue reading