While fact checking a speech

Yes, I do perform fact checking. Not on everything, but items that seem too good/bad to be true. So, I was listening to one of the Lake Land protesters during the walkout the other day. She made the claim that the number one cause of death for kids was gun… Continue reading

What is the controversy in 13 Reasons Why?

Over the last couple of days Gigglez and I have binge watched “13 Reasons Why” (https://www.netflix.com/title/80117470). The general premise is simple, yet quite complex.  A high school junior commits suicide, but before she does, records a series of audio tapes. These tapes involve all of those that contributed to her… Continue reading

One school shooting you WON’T see on the national stage or in the media.

The best way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. http://bearingarms.com/good-guy-with-a-gun-armed-school-officer-stopped-arapahoe/   So why won’t the media give praise to this officer, when they are more than willing to condemn gun owners for one persons actions when it isn’t stopped… Continue reading

Childhood sexuality – what is abnormal at four and five?

There is a case about a pre-school in California being shut down for lack of supervision. Okay I get that part, we must have our children watched properly. Let’s get something out there right off the bat… I am not advocating sexual abuse, let alone abusing kids. This disussion or… Continue reading

Paranoia May Destroy Ya!

How is it that we have become so paranoid that the word surprise has to take on a negative connotation? Obviously the situations in Connecticut, and Oregon have people concerned, and things like the Patriot Act show us what we do when we do not act carefully in stressful situations. We have… Continue reading

So Santa Can’t Have Freedom of Expression?

Here is one that may end up on the Shitlist… The city of Austin Texas has chosen to decided to jail Santa Claus for Criminal Mischief and possibly Resisting Arrest. What was the transgression? Asking children to write their Christmas wishes with sidewalk chalk.   We have seen other cities pull… Continue reading

An Eye for an Eye

So a 11 year old and a friend cut several inches of hair from a 3 year old girl in Utah. This ended up in court when the defendant was 13. The defendant was sentenced to 30 days in detention and 276 hours of community service. The judge said that… Continue reading

The Young – Horman suit

Well thanks to Reality101 we have a copy of the lawsuit that Desiree Young has filed against Terri Horman. This link has been added to the most recent Kyron webpage (http://www.pissedoffpirate.com/index.php/kyron-horman/desiree-young-drags-terri-and-kyron-horman-back-into-the-headlines/)   This is the link to the full text of the 10 million dollar complaint. http://katubim.s3.amazonaws.com/Terri%20Horman%20Lawsuit.pdf

One of many giving what they can to help kids have a better life

. One of my co-workers is taking a step to raise funds for a good cause. He is raising funds for St Baldricks. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy… Continue reading


We are seeing a huge push to stamp out bullying. Bullying is human nature, is it good? I see no reason for it to be good for anyone, even the bullies. Do we need to add another layer of laws to address the bullies behaviors? Don’t the existing laws cover… Continue reading