The U.S. – Mexican Wall

There was a number of years where I was a proponent of building a wall to secure our Southern border.  Over the years, I have read and discussed the subject more.

My position on the matter has shifted somewhat. I still see the need for the wall, but not as a budgetary priority.

Having an understanding that the numbers of those slipping over the border are not as great as those that are overstaying their visas. Since I work in an industry of numbers, I feel that it is important to follow my brain here more than my heart or gut.

Does this change my position on deportation? No, not in the least.  (Watch for a follow-up post on Dreamers)

I would rather see the financing for the war on drugs (as a tangent, legalize marijuana on a national level)  being diverted to the enforcement of immigration law.

While the wall has value, the tremendous cost is not one that we can afford. The GOP wants it. With the stiff tax cuts, they have fucked us over to the point that we cannot pay for it. Perhaps when we have our finances under control, we can construct sections of the wall in areas that badly need it.

I have to wonder how fuqtarded that the GOP voters were that actually believed the Orangatard when he said that Mexico was going to pay for it. I know that not all did, but they sure were vocally in support of the idea. Former Mexican President had put it pretty well:

“TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall. Be clear with US tax payers. They will pay for it.”

Do I still think that property owners along the border should be able to defend our border by force? Yes, I do. I still view it as an incursion.  If the Mexican police or military cross over, even more so. Our sovereign soil should be defended, as well as property rights.
So, in the end, I am pretty well against the construction of a full wall on our Southern border.


Should Illegals Be Shocked Upon Deportation?

With the new shift in deportation, we saw the Latino community flip out when a woman who was in the US since 14 was deported.
This is one sample case:
When a person knows that they are in the US illegally and have been for a long time, I lose sensitivity when they have not taken steps to become a citizen. I know that the process is not easy, but you have to at least work on it.
It is not a secret that I despise T-Rump, but this is an area where I support his position.
If you are an illegal alien, please start the process to getting your green card and hopefully citizenship. We want you here, but you have to do it in the correct way.

A View That Will Not Be Taken Well.

I am about to take a direction that many will not like.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the current SCOTUS position on the 2nd amendment. I also do not recognize any requirement to register firearms and will only do so as a last resort.

Where am I going with this? It is pretty easy to connect the dots.

Our borders are being overrun, why?

The answer is because our citizenry is not being allowed to defend the border form incursion.

It should be our responsibility to defend our borders with deadly force. If you cannot accept that, then you should not own border property.

Illegally crossing a nations border is an invasion, one that you should expect could end your life.

Maybe I am a cruel bastard, but that is how I see it. We cannot support the extra millions of leeches on our system. Yes there are many to are HARD working and motivated individuals. As the same time we have the scum of the earth committing crime after crime. We are not talking about the petty stuff either. We are talking rape, robbery, and murder. Why should we tolerate it? Just drop them at he border and don;t worry about it.

Is it cold blooded murder? No, it is the defense of our nation.

Those that want to push for amnesty are traitors in my eyes. they are casting aside what our ancestors served for.

We have a troubled country that could be great again. There is much work that needs to be done, and it will begin with securing the borders and deporting those that have not come to the US legally.

Wait, what?

So the government shutdown has no problem spending money to keep people out of parks and other resources during this shut down… but has no problem with granting a permit to let the damn illegals construct a stage and use the National Mall for a rally/protest to demand amnesty and rights?


What the hell kind of bullshit is this?


Of course with the current illegal loving government, even if there weren’t a shut down, nobody would have the balls to round up the illegals and ship their asses back to their countries of origin.

I find the tactics to force the citizenry to give a shit about the shut down to be stunning. All the various services being blocked that may cost more to block than to allow pedestrian traffic. Why should sections of the open sea be closed to fishing?

Are you really going to tell the Border Patrol to stand down and just permit illegals free flow across the borders?

To me that seems actionable. I find THAT to be grounds for impeachment. Kind of funny coming from a non-tea party member right?

Kind of funny coming from a former Obama supporter. I said years ago, that I would call it like I saw it and if Obama proved to be a problem, I would call him out on it. Welcome to that day…

Mr President, it is becoming more clear that you have some sides of you that SUCK!

No, I do not think I would change my votes if I have the chance as I still think he was the lesser of the evils. Some things were good but the more we see  of his second term, the less I care for him.

Shitlist nominee

State Senator Ed Murray
The Washington Dream Act must fail.
When does it become acceptable to reward CRIMINAL behavior?

Sir, I will gladly tout the need for your demise in the next election.
You and your supporters need to stop trying to aid and abet criminals.

Until we actually develop a fucking backbone, people will illegaly enter the United States and steal from our citizenry as well as those who come legally to make a better life for themselves and well as their family.

Just because we legalized marijuana does not mean that we are too stoned to see common sense!

Perhaps we need to take a closer look at your record for other crackpot legislation. Do you have a history of poor decision making?

I am for education, and I am for kids, but they need to be here legally. Once the individual gets a green card, we can talk about benefits. At this point the fact that they are not being departed is a hell of a benefit. Yes, I understand that it was their parents who broke the law initially.  If my dad, were to drag me along while he ran into a store to rob and store the store clerk, I would be facing life for felony murder. Why should they get off scott free? find them, deport them, and be done with it.

Why should we be saddled with 300-350 million dollars worth of expenses (for the next two years) so that we can educate the children of criminals?



So the Supreme court has come in on the Arizona law SB1070

SCOTUS rejected some parts, but allowed the police to be able to ask about immigration status.

My opinion is mixed, but find that the court’s decision is sound.

Let the rest of the country follow Arizona’s lead.

What say you?



Oh and this was also sent to me from ALIPAC

ALIPAC Welcomes Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona & Vows to Spread Law to More States

For Immediate National Release

June 25, 2012

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is celebrating the decision of the US Supreme Court announced this morning which upholds the key component of Arizona’s enforcement only approach to deterring illegal immigration! ALIPAC is vowing to pass improved versions of Arizona’s law in more states as soon as possible, to protect American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters from illegal immigration.

“This Supreme Court ruling in our favor is an historic victory for Americans fighting against the corporate sponsored illegal alien invasion of our homeland,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “This ruling is a great blow to the Mexican government and Barack Obama’s efforts to sustain the invasion. We believe that we now have the momentum to pass versions of Arizona’s SB 1070 law in many other states since the court upheld the most important provision in the bill!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has over 40,000 national supporters and has helped to pass immigration enforcement laws in many states while stopping legislation designed to give taxpayer benefits like in-state tuition in more than 20 states. ALIPAC’s platform seeks to stop and reverse illegal immigration in America through the adequate enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws, instead of any changes in the law that would allow illegal aliens to form a new voting bloc that would destroy America.

“Obama has forced America into some new form of dictatorship to try to stop the mass exodus of illegal immigrants that should be following this ruling,” said William Gheen. “We plan to release new activist and legislation efforts in the coming weeks that will make it clear to illegal immigrants that departing the United States on their own volition as soon as possible, is their best course of action.”

National polls show that 81% of Americans support local police enforcing immigration laws and news reports indicate that illegal immigrants flee areas where local police can enforce immigration laws.

The Supreme Court did reject some of the other less important provisions in the Arizona law and ALIPAC found it disturbing to hear the same kind of illegal immigration supporting rhetoric used by globalists in the Obama and Bush administrations coming from some members of the court. They sound more concerned about illegal immigrants than suffering states, American workers and taxpayers.

For interviews or more information on ALIPAC’s plan to pass improved versions of Arizona’s law in more states please visit