Happy 4th of July

Some say have a “Safe and Sane 4th of July”. For me that is bullshit. If you look at the guidelines for Safe and Sane, there is little fun there. I am more old school than that. I do have more common sense (other then momentary lapses of reason) as… Continue reading

Pearl Harbor Day –

I know that most of us are younger in relation to the WWII vets… Please take a moment or two to think and reflect on those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor as well as those that were there but survived. There are not that many of them left.

Should Columbus Day be observed at all?

. before I start, since Columbus discovered the New World on October 12th, why did they choose to make it a floating holiday. It was a set date, why not just let it fall on October 12th each year instead of letting it move from year to year?)   Okay… Continue reading

5th of July should be a holiday

Gogglez had another idea for our country… If the 4th of July does not fall on a Friday or Saturday, then the 5th of July needs to be a holiday as well. While we are out showing our patriotism and celebrating the birth of our nation, much of which happens… Continue reading

Geek Pride Day

Okay, today is Geek Pride Day. It is a home run for geeks: It is Towel Day (You Dougles Admas fans), The anniversary of the release of Star Wars, Glorious 25 May from Discworld, and major geek factor for today’s date. . . 5 + 25 + 12 = 42… Continue reading

Happy Armed Forces Day

I am not sure why this page did not post when it was supposed to… It is a holiday that is being forgotten. I would have forgotten about it this year except Reality101 was able to remind me before we took off for the weekend. Until 1949, We had Army… Continue reading

420 – certainly a much celebrated topic

. Before I start I want to take a moment to remember that this is the anniversary of the shooting at Columbine HS. God rest their souls.   April 20th, 4/20, 4:20… It has become such a strong cultural (perhaps just sub-cultural) reference. putting four and twenty together often causes snickers from… Continue reading

St Patrick was no saint

I do not celebrate St Patrick’s day… As I take a more Old Religion take on things. St Patrick is credited in the modernized tales as driving the snakes from Ireland. There were never snakes in Ireland. He wasn’t even Irish, but a Brit. I do not know why the… Continue reading