Spiritual morning

What a beautiful morning.

I am on the 6th floor and my room faces the Southeast.

I woke just before sunrise, in the time when you just see the silhouette of the mountains, including Mt Hood.

That may not mean much for the non-local family, but for those that are here in town, you now that it can be one of the greatest ways to wake up. I would have taken a picture, but I was still in the fog and a little too sore to dig through my pockets to get my phone. So I drifted back to sleep with the image burned into my mind.

The next thing I new it was seven and the sun was beaming into my face. My favorite nurse (Other than Gigglez) was updating the board with who is on shift. She grabbed a cup of coffee and I headed outside to enjoy the birds on their daily hunt for food.

This was a time that was perfect to ponder all that I had seen over the last day at the hospital. Because of the ward that I am in, there are a lot of tears and looks of concern. I have to feel a bit of guilt, I get the typical greeting of “how’s it going?” to which I respond :””Great! How about you?” They on the other hand more than likely are responding with “I have had better days”.

Yes, I have been hearing people not making it through the night. I feel badly for them and their families, but at the same time…

I am alive, and this little box on my pectoral muscle, will help keep me that way.

I do not mean for this to be “all about Griz”, it is meant to be all about our lives and to live life while you can. Stop and look at yourself, and to those around you. Are you in a position to make their day a little brighter? A simple smile may be all it takes to make the difference in someones outlook on life.

Griz Status

** Updates at the end **


First off I am fine.
I am having another procedure, but this one is to act as an insurance policy.
For those of us who are more of the geek persuasion, I am taking a step towards the Borg.
In the next couple of weeks I will be getting and ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) implanted. It will likely be a an overnight stay for the monitoring.
After the procedure because after the implantation they will throw my heart into v-tac to cause it to basically quiver in my chest. At that time either the ICD will do its job and restore the rhythm or they will have to grab the paddles and bring me back.

I will likely have the procedure on a Friday (possibly next Friday) and will return to work on Monday. The bar will be a little different. I have to talk to the boss. I will not be permitted to raise my right arm above shoulder level for a week, but I am not permitted to fight for three weeks to a month. I have never had to take or throw a punch in the two years I have been bouncing at the Back Alley. I also normally have several people who would step in if the issue came up. I have seen my backup appear from nowhere. But, I have to leave that up to the boss, obviously the first night I will not be working, I would like the option of working the following Fridays.

I am a prime candidate for this procedure, as I am young (compared to most of his patients I guess) and healthy. With the scarring that is left after a heart attack, it spreads over time and the risk of sudden death increases.

I will have to go in several times for follow-up visits, then start a quarterly check of the device. Every 5-7 years I will have to go in to have the battery changed, and maybe the leads as well.

I guess there are enough of these things out there that the TSA is starting to leave them alone, other than palpating the area to make sure that the device is there. The surgeon has no reason to feel that I could not fly by the time the wedding rolls around (78 days and counting).

As always, I do appreciate how supportive my friends and online family has been.



I spoke with the nurse today.
She says that he is going to use one by Boston Scientific with allows me to dive to 165 feet, instead of the 35 feet that the other manufacturer permits.

I am also now scheduled to go in this Friday morning and will be there overnight.

They expect that I will be sprung from the joint around 1100 am.

Christian Bale – Please do not fall to the requests

There is a wave of folks, as large wave on Facebook…
that are asking Christian Bale to don the Batman costume and visit the victims of yesterdays attack.

While this is well intentioned and heartfelt, I am concerned that due to the circumstances, it would be unwise to make that visit.

We are talking about a group of people who were watching his performance at the time.
Would this cause, or agitate any PTSD symptoms?

My stress test results.

I called my cardiologist’s office to see what my results were.


His nurse just called back, woooooot!

I no longer have any physical limitations.

So I am free to get wet. Now the task will be to see where Kizoddy put my gear while “cleaning” during my time of being beached.

Griz’s health situation – updates in the comments

This is not to overshadow or side-rail the post for Lips.

Most know about my situations with health, but I received a letter from my cardiologist yesterday.
He has read my echocardiogram and find no issues with the valves. 🙂
The heart muscle still shows moderate damage, but it has improved over my last echo form last fall.
This part was significant as there was the second heart attack since the last echo.
That tells me that my paying attention and acting on the symptoms negated the damage form the second heart attack.
Bottom line, I am 25 pounds lighter, taking my meds, nudging my dietary habits back into line leaving me in a state of physically improving.

This was only posted because I have such great friends here that care a great deal.

So why is Lips a Pissed Off Pirate?

I will take the wise road, and let her word start this off.

Hi. Yesterday, I was really sad after getting a call from an appointment setter, that radiology had found one or more suspicious spots in my mammogram..
That the soonest available appointment for additional was more than two weeks out.
Today I’m pissed because I’m hit in the face with the disparities between an HMO and a private practice. You are a number in an HMO.
Your are nothing more than cattle.
Their equipment is inferior.
Their policies are inferior.
And this is what happens when you buy your insurance from your provider.
Is this how national health care will be?
Someone needs to put up a topic. So I can name names and vent.

Well, done dear lady.. now let the games begin.

Should our military be using service animals?

This comes from an article I found on MSNBC:

Now, I am a fan of both animals and our troops.
I recognize that service animals are a wonderful and useful aid to people (when they are not abusing the system).
I also recognize that our troops develop some really nasty situations serving us from all over the globe.
Here is the rub, should our service members have service animals? I can see it from the VA or other after care organizations, but I do not expect service animals for active duty personnel.
I was infantry, I would not expect that my battle buddy would need a dog to jump on him in case his CPAP (sleep apnea mask) came off in the night.
Can combat troops do their jobs with a service animal?
We know that when in the rear, our troops have more luxuries than in the field. Who will care for the dog during deployment? Will the dogs that are attached to airborne troops have to jump too? Can they do a PLF (parachute landing fall)? If rover makes a mess on the floor, does he do pushups? or does his patient?

When I was in, we would have been bounced out due to the issues that these animals are providing services for.

Mayor LooneyBerg

We have another piece of news brought to us by way of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.

The Mayor is presumably not an idiot as it does take some degree of intelligence to amass a 22 billion dollar fortune without being an inheritance.

We are seeing a proposal on banning any sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.
Sugary drink is defined as any drink that contains more than 25 calories per 8 ounces of fluid.
Grocery stores are exempt form this proposal. When you are at 7-11 there will not be any slurpee cups bigger than 16 ounces. Now when you are at McDonald’s you will be able to get all the refills that they will permit a customer, but only in 16 ounce containers. Oh yeah, and unless that Starbucks coffee is black you won’t see it in Venti or Trenta (24 oz and 31 oz). Oh yeah, sports drinks often will not make that cut.. and you thought that they were healthy right? just good to rehydrate with…

Mayor McFaucktard is passionate about the health of his constituents which is admirable, we all would like to be healthy… but when do we let Darwinism take effect? For those of us who choose to be healthy, we will live longer and enjoy life. For those of us that chose to eat and drink what we want… we will live shorter live (presumably) and enjoy our lives… What’s the matter Mr Mayor, will we not live to pay enough taxes for you? Fuck the hell off and quit being the Nanny Mayor as you have been dubbed!

The Mayor has had a problem with soda for some time. He failed at pushing through a soda tax as well as trying to ban food stamps from covering soda (hard to mess with a federal program isn’t it).

He has annoyed plenty of folks before with his requirement to put the calorie counts on the menus, the ban on trans fats, or smoking in public.

Something I didn’t know, he was a Democrat, then Republican, and now is an Independent. Perhaps being subjected to so many ideologies has broken his brain…