Spiritual morning

What a beautiful morning. I am on the 6th floor and my room faces the Southeast. I woke just before sunrise, in the time when you just see the silhouette of the mountains, including Mt Hood. That may not mean much for the non-local family, but for those that are here… Continue reading

Griz Status

** Updates at the end **   First off I am fine. I am having another procedure, but this one is to act as an insurance policy. For those of us who are more of the geek persuasion, I am taking a step towards the Borg. In the next couple… Continue reading

Christian Bale – Please do not fall to the requests

There is a wave of folks, as large wave on Facebook… that are asking Christian Bale to don the Batman costume and visit the victims of yesterdays attack. While this is well intentioned and heartfelt, I am concerned that due to the circumstances, it would be unwise to make that… Continue reading

My stress test results.

I called my cardiologist’s office to see what my results were.   His nurse just called back, woooooot! I no longer have any physical limitations. So I am free to get wet. Now the task will be to see where Kizoddy put my gear while “cleaning” during my time of… Continue reading

Griz’s health situation – updates in the comments

This is not to overshadow or side-rail the post for Lips. Most know about my situations with health, but I received a letter from my cardiologist yesterday. He has read my echocardiogram and find no issues with the valves. 🙂 The heart muscle still shows moderate damage, but it has… Continue reading

So why is Lips a Pissed Off Pirate?

I will take the wise road, and let her word start this off. Hi. Yesterday, I was really sad after getting a call from an appointment setter, that radiology had found one or more suspicious spots in my mammogram.. That the soonest available appointment for additional was more than two… Continue reading

Should our military be using service animals?

This comes from an article I found on MSNBC: http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/04/12008294-controversial-army-policy-makes-it-difficult-for-soldiers-to-get-service-dogs?lite Now, I am a fan of both animals and our troops. I recognize that service animals are a wonderful and useful aid to people (when they are not abusing the system). I also recognize that our troops develop some really… Continue reading

Mayor LooneyBerg

We have another piece of news brought to us by way of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC. The Mayor is presumably not an idiot as it does take some degree of intelligence to amass a 22 billion dollar fortune without being an inheritance. We are seeing a proposal on banning any… Continue reading