It is surgery day

At 0830 pacific time today I will be going offline and heading for the hospital for my procedure.

I am guessing that somewhere around 11 or 12 I will resurface and post my status on facebook, as well as here.

So until they release me tomorrow morning, I will be online quite a bit.

damn hospitals, they do a good job taking care of us, but they are certainly not comfortable to be in.

So why is Lips a Pissed Off Pirate?

I will take the wise road, and let her word start this off.

Hi. Yesterday, I was really sad after getting a call from an appointment setter, that radiology had found one or more suspicious spots in my mammogram..
That the soonest available appointment for additional was more than two weeks out.
Today I’m pissed because I’m hit in the face with the disparities between an HMO and a private practice. You are a number in an HMO.
Your are nothing more than cattle.
Their equipment is inferior.
Their policies are inferior.
And this is what happens when you buy your insurance from your provider.
Is this how national health care will be?
Someone needs to put up a topic. So I can name names and vent.

Well, done dear lady.. now let the games begin.