Can we play a game called reality check?

By a guest writer (not sure how he would prefer the by line)


Can we play a game called Reality Check for a moment? Everyone’s flipping a bitch about modern gun laws and how what the forefathers used were muskets so the rules need to change, blah blah blah… same discussion we have every time there is a shooting…

You know how the Americans started with muskets? So did the military. Every bit of weapon tech their military had, so did the citizens. Hell, sometimes even children were used to operate cannons. Gun laws are stricter now than ever, so don’t try to blame them all of a sudden because we have more psychos than ever. (Not that I want to see the average yankee-doodle dickhead with a F-16)

Over 1,500 people are killed every year by stabbing but you don’t see anyone screaming and crying about it.

Thousands freeze to death because they are homeless and you couldn’t share that 3rd or 4th spare room or people with multiple homes couldn’t open some space for them.

The whole world is effected by you and your wastefulness, but you think that buying little eco-bags or only using certain products will help the environment; never thinking that your biggest problem is that you never say no to yourself. This will kill a LOT of people from the cumulative effects from the environmental damage: lack of pollinators, soil erosion, soil and water toxification, these leading to areas that are already in poverty and rely on their agriculture for survival losing their one source of food and income.

You are only raising a fit about this is because you are scared, you don’t give a fuck about anything else but yourself and those directly in your bubble… don’t try to pull one over because it is in your “compassion”. If you want shit to change, change what YOU are doing.

Plant a tree, hug a stranger, be happy, and don’t fucking worry about what everyone else is doing. Just make the world a happier place to exist in and this shit will happen less.

Laws do not change the hearts of men, but the hearts of men change the world.

tsk tsk tsk

Since my political beliefs are broad spectrum, I find the current consternation by the anti-gun gun crowd interesting… they are upset that the four gun control measure failed in the senate today. Now, we are talking about a population that is all about rights and civil liberties.

These same liberties include the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty.


Enter the crowds pushing for rumors to equate a criminal conviction… ask any vet is they have seen careers destroyed by unfounded rumors or not. So you are going to take away a popular right, based on a rumor?

Tell me that that feels good and why generations of solders put their lives on the line… Between this and the Muslim fear mongering of the Right, it sure reminds me of the McCarthy era.


Here they call for shaming of those that chose to stand on American judicial principles if nothing else… I think the shame is being misdirected. Shame should fall to those that want to make take away our founding principles. Closer and closer to the tipping point we go.

Guns and Society – Where are we and why?

One of my friends had a post on Facebook that I found quite interesting. This is a guest author piece by Chris Larsen.


Is it really this hard to understand that the reason most law-abiding citizens want a firearm that can hold 30 rounds is because it’s their right…..and why is it their right? Because our founding fathers knew that governments can get too big for their britches and, should something happen that requires the people within its borders to protect themselves….from without or within…they wanted to ensure we would have a way to do so. A rifle or firearm with only a few rounds would never hold up against military owned automatics. Do people not get that defending yourself against your own government could be a very real possibility no matter what year it is?
I don’t offer a plan to “fix” anything, I’m not going to get into a debate about why guns shouldn’t be taken away…hell, I don’t even own a gun, but there are very real reasons that people want them and the number of rounds they can hold, and it’s not to hunt and it’s not for play.
If you think the government can protect us, do no wrong or otherwise has our best interests at heart, explain how a criminal with well over 35 scandals associated with her has had evidence of many wrongdoings and is still running for the highest office in our nation? Or maybe you can explain why the presumptive Republican nominee is worried about being ousted by the leaders of his political party after their people voted for him? No? It means that the government DOES NOT have OUR interests at heart. No I’m not a Trump or Bernie supporter, I’m not left, I’m not right, I’m logical, pragmatic and use common sense.
Yes guns can be dangerous, yes they can be portable devices filled with death and violence in the wrong hands, but there are so many real positive uses to them as well and it’s not like our gun dealers will have clairvoyance and know when someone has violence in their heart. Just take them away then? No…see above.
Hell, guns have made it so everyone can sit here and argue about whether they’re worthwhile or not today….without them, where would we be? Answer: We wouldn’t. Why? Because we wouldn’t have been able to overthrow the tyrannical government that was making it so hard for our forefathers to live and thrive.

One school shooting you WON’T see on the national stage or in the media.

The best way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.


So why won’t the media give praise to this officer, when they are more than willing to condemn gun owners for one persons actions when it isn’t stopped quickly?

How close are we?

As we saw demonstrations in 49 state capitols, do you think that the politicians took note?

Do you think that they will just dig deeper into their party lines and not get any where?

Perhaps they will pass some pusstastic legislation that will not make anyone happy…


This brings us to a discussion that we have had before. How close are we to seeing assassination attempts? At what point will we start to took more for revolution? (if anyone has the balls left for THAT kind of action)