Anopther step toward (my) normal.

Tonight, I get to return to my duties at the door.

The doc has cleared me to bounce again, but I have to wait until my next appointment to discuss my limits for upper body weightlifting.

The treadmill gets to be my bitch though.

They like me to do the treadmill, more than I like doing it.


Spiritual morning

What a beautiful morning.

I am on the 6th floor and my room faces the Southeast.

I woke just before sunrise, in the time when you just see the silhouette of the mountains, including Mt Hood.

That may not mean much for the non-local family, but for those that are here in town, you now that it can be one of the greatest ways to wake up. I would have taken a picture, but I was still in the fog and a little too sore to dig through my pockets to get my phone. So I drifted back to sleep with the image burned into my mind.

The next thing I new it was seven and the sun was beaming into my face. My favorite nurse (Other than Gigglez) was updating the board with who is on shift. She grabbed a cup of coffee and I headed outside to enjoy the birds on their daily hunt for food.

This was a time that was perfect to ponder all that I had seen over the last day at the hospital. Because of the ward that I am in, there are a lot of tears and looks of concern. I have to feel a bit of guilt, I get the typical greeting of “how’s it going?” to which I respond :””Great! How about you?” They on the other hand more than likely are responding with “I have had better days”.

Yes, I have been hearing people not making it through the night. I feel badly for them and their families, but at the same time…

I am alive, and this little box on my pectoral muscle, will help keep me that way.

I do not mean for this to be “all about Griz”, it is meant to be all about our lives and to live life while you can. Stop and look at yourself, and to those around you. Are you in a position to make their day a little brighter? A simple smile may be all it takes to make the difference in someones outlook on life.

It is surgery day

At 0830 pacific time today I will be going offline and heading for the hospital for my procedure.

I am guessing that somewhere around 11 or 12 I will resurface and post my status on facebook, as well as here.

So until they release me tomorrow morning, I will be online quite a bit.

damn hospitals, they do a good job taking care of us, but they are certainly not comfortable to be in.

Griz Status

** Updates at the end **


First off I am fine.
I am having another procedure, but this one is to act as an insurance policy.
For those of us who are more of the geek persuasion, I am taking a step towards the Borg.
In the next couple of weeks I will be getting and ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) implanted. It will likely be a an overnight stay for the monitoring.
After the procedure because after the implantation they will throw my heart into v-tac to cause it to basically quiver in my chest. At that time either the ICD will do its job and restore the rhythm or they will have to grab the paddles and bring me back.

I will likely have the procedure on a Friday (possibly next Friday) and will return to work on Monday. The bar will be a little different. I have to talk to the boss. I will not be permitted to raise my right arm above shoulder level for a week, but I am not permitted to fight for three weeks to a month. I have never had to take or throw a punch in the two years I have been bouncing at the Back Alley. I also normally have several people who would step in if the issue came up. I have seen my backup appear from nowhere. But, I have to leave that up to the boss, obviously the first night I will not be working, I would like the option of working the following Fridays.

I am a prime candidate for this procedure, as I am young (compared to most of his patients I guess) and healthy. With the scarring that is left after a heart attack, it spreads over time and the risk of sudden death increases.

I will have to go in several times for follow-up visits, then start a quarterly check of the device. Every 5-7 years I will have to go in to have the battery changed, and maybe the leads as well.

I guess there are enough of these things out there that the TSA is starting to leave them alone, other than palpating the area to make sure that the device is there. The surgeon has no reason to feel that I could not fly by the time the wedding rolls around (78 days and counting).

As always, I do appreciate how supportive my friends and online family has been.



I spoke with the nurse today.
She says that he is going to use one by Boston Scientific with allows me to dive to 165 feet, instead of the 35 feet that the other manufacturer permits.

I am also now scheduled to go in this Friday morning and will be there overnight.

They expect that I will be sprung from the joint around 1100 am.

Someone is asking for a mauling.

We have once again had someone brazen enough to come onto our porch in the middle of the night.

Every once in a while, we get someone who comes up and steals our butt can.

Last night Gigglez left her smokes in the pocket of a chair and they were missing this morning.

On the last occurrence, I wanted to load a smoke or two with a black cat firecracker, but Gigglez found that to be too dangerous. Sigh… I love her, but she is not as evil as I can be.

I will be nosing around through my geek boxes for a remote webcam to see if I can identify the perp for my pleasure. I have a couple of individuals in mind, but I need an image before I return to my younger days on their asses.

With the cams that I think I have I may have to leave the porch light on all night to be able to capture the images.

I am not sure if the organ donor will approach with the light on, thought we do not like to burn the extra electricity. We may have to see if we have an IR cam in our circle.

Griz’s health situation – updates in the comments

This is not to overshadow or side-rail the post for Lips.

Most know about my situations with health, but I received a letter from my cardiologist yesterday.
He has read my echocardiogram and find no issues with the valves. 🙂
The heart muscle still shows moderate damage, but it has improved over my last echo form last fall.
This part was significant as there was the second heart attack since the last echo.
That tells me that my paying attention and acting on the symptoms negated the damage form the second heart attack.
Bottom line, I am 25 pounds lighter, taking my meds, nudging my dietary habits back into line leaving me in a state of physically improving.

This was only posted because I have such great friends here that care a great deal.

Well the bills arrived

I think the last of the initial bills from my hospital visit came in.

They really need to have the bill presented to you while you are in your cardiologist’s office for a followup appointment.

The emergency room visit was 698.00 with 404.68 for me to pay.

The procedure to put the stent into the LAD was 2838.. with 519.10 out of pocket.

that brings us to the CV-ICU stay… 75,570.15  thank God I was working AND have insurance. My out of pocket on that is 3656.91.  So if we do the math, the overall cost was 79106.15 and my tab is (deep breath) 4580.69.

with all of that said… I am alive to share those woes with family and loved ones (yes you guys, you know who you are).

What did Griz do over the weekend?

I performed my first legal wedding service!

I am not sure who was more nervous, myself or the wedding couple.

They were friends from Back Alley who were going to do a JP wedding, but the gang overruled and Gigglez reminded them that I was ordained.

Before 24 hours had elapsed, the wedding plans were getting out of hand and had to be corralled. It ended up being a two and a half page service and attendees were highly complimentary of my performance. It sure would be nice if I could memorize that much text.

I went home and grabbed a nap as I was short sleep from working the bar the night before. We ended up heading to the bar to celebrate our groups victory at the accomplishment.

Waiting for some pictures to come in of the services.

My Friday Nights

Well in case I have not mentioned it, it is official.

I will be spending my Friday nights at the Back Alley working the door on a regular basis.

Woot!  So if you want to cruise over and say hi, feel free. I will be there from nine until close.

Criminal History

This will be news to those that have not followed me for quite a while, but for those who has been swapping emails with me for longer than a year already know things about me.

Just to bring everyone to the same sheet of music, lets do some history.

When I came out of the Army in 1989, I was one of a multitude of homeless vets with service connected injuries. Some people have support networks in place, others, well others have to do what they can to survive. While I have not always made the BEST choices in life, I have continued to choose to continue my life. (sometimes it was a close call) Where am I going with this? I was living in the woods of a county park with two tents, one was home, the other was a closet.

I broke into a someones home and stole food (some wine as well) and a pistol. I got a job a week or so later, of all places in a mall working security. It was a job that would only last about five months as while I was at work a guy that was staying out in the woods with me for a few days found the pistol (A Ruger .22) and decided that he needed to be a dumbass and fired a few rounds getting the attention of a jogger. The State Police had to bring in three cruisers to haul my little campsite away. Imagine my surprise when I got home in the middle of the night to find the camp gone… I ended up sleeping in one of the empty storage units under the mall, and got caught. The situation was reported to the chief. He referred me to one of the little Honduran gals down in the food court as she had a room for rent.  It wasn’t a full month later of phone tag, that the county sheriff’s department figured out where I was. Funny thing about living in the woods with all of your military records and uniforms (remember I was just trying to live, not sneak) that they are able to figure out your identity in a hurry.  When they dropped by the mall to see me, they really enjoyed the fact that the only difference between my uniform and theirs was the badge, gun, and the stripe on my pants was twice the width of theirs. The humor was not lost on me while I was cuffed in  their office.

So, I sat in the detention center in the same cell that would later house one Michael Tyson, playing cards, watching TV, and eating indescribable hotdogs with kerosene-kraut. They charged me with Burglary with Theft Over. When it came time to go before the judge, the DA made me an offer that I could not refuse (or face up to twenty years as it was a night time burglary). I was given a once in a lifetime deal of Probation Before Judgement (PBJ). With PBJ if you complete the probation, pay the fine (and recently, do a little county lockup time (30 days or so)) then the court will have your records expunged. Legally you never have to admit that the arrest ever happened, let alone the court appearance.  So I had a year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and twelve years later found out about a 110 fine/fee. Had I stayed in Maryland for the duration of the probation, things would have been a bit easier.

I called my mother for Thanksgiving and discovered that she had a heart attack and wanted me back in Vancouver to take care of my sister (11 at the time) in case anything happened to her. So I called my PO and asked what I could do since I was not permitted to leave the state. The State of Washington was kind enough to accept the transfer of my probation. I went to Andrews Air Force base and caught a Lear jet to Colorado Springs and from there a Greyhound to Vancouver. I finished out my probation and put it out of my mind for several years.

I had a problem crossing the border into Canada, seems that the FBI/Interpol records (or where ever they pull your criminal files from) showed my arrest, but nothing for adjudication.  I was able to finesse my way into Canada on a one time pass. However I was aware that there was a problem with my legal situation. When I got home, I called Maryland and found out about a fee/fine that had yet to be paid. Boom, done fixed that with a quick money order. About six months later I received a few letters confirming expungment of the documents and certification of completion of the courts wishes.

A couple of years ago, I went to buy my son his first rifle and was denied at the federal background check. barooo? A couple of days ago, I was reminded of the rifle purchase so I emailed an address I found for the Washington State Patrol dept of records.  Tomorrow I will fax all of the documents I have and see if they will be able to restore the records to their rightful status.

While I was going through the documents, I found a familiar name. They were processed with the County Sheriff being Charles Moose. I had to laugh about that connection. It was however about four months before the DC Sniper opened fire. (perhaps another post about how close the sniper his to my various residences.)

With any luck, I will have another (much shorter) add on to this post soon. Wow 945 words. sorry all, sorta.