Cyber-security studies continue

As I have pondered it, my studies will continue. I have too much invested to stop my cyber-security career just because my new team does not utilize it much. I am drawn to the field so it is best to follow that attraction to see where it will take me…. Continue reading

Another step towards employment salvation

As I move along the timeline of my 90-day letter, my current “manager” is releasing me to my next team. My new manager is someone that I have known for about 13 years. He is one that helped train me at a previous job and has been a man that… Continue reading

Major changes at work

For those that have been watching over the years, you know that I no longer discuss who my daytime employer is. Our company was acquired but another company that had a different business focus. Since our business has elements that are very different, it is causing great challenges in integrating… Continue reading

Facebook Jail (only 24 hours)

So, I landed in Facebook Jail again. The same day that Facebook announced that they were adding 3000 staffers to patrol Facebook they deemed one of the images on a page that I run to be in violation of their community standards. Since it has been a while since that… Continue reading

How is Griz?

Griz is tired of being sick… We spent last weekend in Seattle playing Ingress for a world class event. It was a great time, but I have had a problem with my right arch so with all of the walking we do I ended up basically crippling myself. My step… Continue reading

What is Griz into now?

*** as always (since there are some new readers) my employer is to be left out of my posts. You can always email me if you have questions about this policy. A few months ago, I was promoted to Cyber Security Analyst I. Along with this promotion came a tremendous… Continue reading

Wi-Fi projects

I have a project that I am struggling with. It is a bit geeky.   The goal is to get pick up a wifi signal at a couple of miles from the source. My expectation is that I will have a couple parts to this; a wireless router, a cantenna,… Continue reading

So how the hell is Griz?

For those that have me in their Facebook list of friends, you have seen my recent updates. I know Lips is not doing Facebook anymore. So let’s do a quick run down of what the hell is up with Griz. Well, a week and a half ago I did a… Continue reading

The union is complete

If you are reading this, then Gigglez and I are married! There will be more details to follow.   For those that are in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are all welcome to come up to the Back Alley Bar & Grill for the post-reception party, starting at 8pm. You will… Continue reading

The parties from Saturday

OMG… I do not get hangovers often, but I was still under the influence when I woke yesterday morning. For those that attended, that you very much! For the bachelor party, great trip, lifelong memories made there, and a special thanks to Duz, my best man (and I am sure… Continue reading