The union is complete

If you are reading this, then Gigglez and I are married!

There will be more details to follow.


For those that are in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are all welcome to come up to the Back Alley Bar & Grill for the post-reception party, starting at 8pm.

You will find all of the details on our website,

As pictures become available, I will share them on that site, and maybe some here as well.

The parties from Saturday

OMG… I do not get hangovers often, but I was still under the influence when I woke yesterday morning.

For those that attended, that you very much!

For the bachelor party, great trip, lifelong memories made there, and a special thanks to Duz, my best man (and I am sure that the maid of honor played a supporting role there) and our driver Robyn.

I think I am almost re-hydrated now.

We had a great crowd in the house that night as we had a birthday party for one of the regulars, as well as a birthday party for one of the member from the band Motorbreath.

For some reason it was felt that I needed some of the veil material bobby-pinned to the back of my hair. Okay, no problem I am a humorous guy. Being the size that I am, I did find it interesting that nobody pitched my crap about it. Even when I was given the hair band with the two bobble-dicks to wear. (there is a picture of that on facebook…)

The night gets really fuzzy after someone started feeding me shots of fireball, then jagerbombs.

I was a source of entertainment on the way home, and they were surprised that I made it up the stairs unassisted.


20 days to the bachelor/bachelorette and jack n jill parties.

Time is starting to get short, and I am finding more and more that I need to get taken care of.

Like most, funds are not free flowing, so it is a challenge to get stuff taken care of in a timely manner.

However the dress has arrived (only the shipping costs are left on it), the hall has been paid for…

Gigglez has received a ring from her mother.

RSVPs are scant, so that certainly poses a stress in my mind (and I suspect in Gigglez).


Someone is asking for a mauling.

We have once again had someone brazen enough to come onto our porch in the middle of the night.

Every once in a while, we get someone who comes up and steals our butt can.

Last night Gigglez left her smokes in the pocket of a chair and they were missing this morning.

On the last occurrence, I wanted to load a smoke or two with a black cat firecracker, but Gigglez found that to be too dangerous. Sigh… I love her, but she is not as evil as I can be.

I will be nosing around through my geek boxes for a remote webcam to see if I can identify the perp for my pleasure. I have a couple of individuals in mind, but I need an image before I return to my younger days on their asses.

With the cams that I think I have I may have to leave the porch light on all night to be able to capture the images.

I am not sure if the organ donor will approach with the light on, thought we do not like to burn the extra electricity. We may have to see if we have an IR cam in our circle.

5th of July should be a holiday

Gogglez had another idea for our country…

If the 4th of July does not fall on a Friday or Saturday, then the 5th of July needs to be a holiday as well.

While we are out showing our patriotism and celebrating the birth of our nation, much of which happens after dark, we end up awake too late.

We need the 5th off to allow us to get the rest that we missed out on due to our revelry or more than likely our neighbors’ revelry.

So here it sit suffering due to even over our window mounted a/c unit acting as a white noise generator, the night sounding like Beirut.  I love the fireworks and for me the bigger the better. I just hate having to get up the next morning. The two stiff fuzzy navels that I had helped me relax a little, but it still took until 1pm before I was ready to put my mask on and call it a night (until 5:40).

Friday December 30th

Please join us at the Back Alley on Friday December 30th to celebrate Gigglez birthday.

She is celebrating 29 again, and rumor has it that she is even going to sing. (I have only seen her do it three times now)

The start time should be somewhere between 8 and 9, but that will be nailed down as we get closer.

The Designated Driver has already volunteered to ensure safe travel to and from the bar (Thank you Tyger!).

Only a few have seen Gigglez get loopy, so it is quite the fun occasion.

There is a certain individual who has gotten her dear hubby to the bar to share evenings with us, and I am hoping to see the two of them since he does not email or comment. Those who made it for my birthday, can attest to how much fun we have at the BA.  I can reserve tables if we get an idea of how much room we need.

It will be a karaoke night, so we won’t have an overpowering band to deal with.

Susan B Anthony screwed you women over

Gigglez had a really interesting thought today…

Susan B Anthony was a traitor to her gender.

How can she say that you ask…

Well here is the reasoning, Susan B Anthony fought tirelessly for women’s rights.

Had she left well enough alone, you gals could have spent today at home with your feet dangling in the pool with a margarita in your hand. Instead you are in the office, being treated like slaves, trying to keep up with the men.