Is Colin Kaepernick Entitled to a Job?

Is anyone else tired of the sad little shit known as Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick made a decision to stage a protest while on his employer’s time. That decision had a consequence, he ultimately lost his job and no other team has picked him up.

Does this need collusion? Not really, why would a team owner want the added drama? He is a mediocre player so there is little reason for  team to wish to include him in a team sport.

Don’t get me wrong, he can certainly protest any issue that he wants provided that it is during HIS time. I do not support the method of his protest. I do however support that he has the right to do so.

If an actor chose to take a knee at the start of each day filming, how long would directors put up with it? Would they be forced to cast them for films?

If an ER doc chose to take a knee at any time a patient came to see them, would the hospitals appreciate the quality of care? Should they be saddled with the disruption?

If I were to participate in a protest on the clock, I would expect negative consequences. I would also expect hem to follow me for a while. We know that prospective employers can call previous employers and ask what our rehire status is… it is a fact of work life. If the prospective employer does not feel comfortable with the candidate, they will be apprehensive to hire. why is Kaepernick any different?

Perhaps if Colin were to include a clause in his contract to be a PROFESSIONAL player on game days and any other time that he is representing his team or the league including a significant financial penalty for breech he might find a team will to take him on.

He shit in his bed, now he has another decision, clean it up, or get comfortable in it.

“The Big Game” – Did you see what you expected

If you watched the “Big Game” yesterday did you get what you wanted?

I myself, wanted the Raven to win for three reasons:

1. They are my third pick team (behind Da Bears, and the Seahawks)

2. The 49’ers are rivals of my Seahawks

3. The typical 49’er fans have an almost Apple user attitude that I find off-putting.  (not our Owtraged, she is a normal football fan)

The performance of the 49’ers was abysmal in the first half but after the fiasco with the lights it was an outstanding showing. It was to a level that I was concerned for my birds.

The humor on Facebook has been fun and I wish I had the day off to play with it more, but alas, my boss needs me.

What were your thoughts on the game.



Scabs and the NFL

Oh my GOD!
The scab referees have got to go.

Last night’s Seattle win went my way since I am a Bears fan and am marrying a Seattle fan. The current reading of the rules, is holding that the refs were right since the catch does not count until the feet hit the ground.
Both players being in possession when the feet hit goes to the offense.

I am not convinced that Golden Tate had enough of the ball for possession purposes.
The angles that I was seeing cannot show much either way, but it looked like his left hand was going around Jennings. Jennings appeared to have control, but Tate was stripping the ball away as they neared the ground.

If there was a camera angle that showed the two of them as their toes came in contact with the ground, I did not see it.

If possession was established in the air, then it would be an interception by Jennings. When you think about the receiver in the end-zone that plainly catches the football in the air, but it hit hard enough to knock him out of bounds before he can get his feet down… he is screwed, because he will be ruled out of bounds. I think that we will see an endless amount of replays and bitching on this one. I wish that it would not have happening in a way that “changed the outcome of the game”.

If the NFL’s position on the reception/interception is correct, then so be it.

With that said, we are still not happy with the blown calls by the scabs.

The Seahawks’ fantastic first half will forever be marred if not forgotten because of the last eight seconds of play.
We went into that game expecting to be man handled, especially after the Bears got their asses trounced on Lambeau Field the week before. This tells me that the Packers are not playing in a consistent manner as they got beaten badly in week one.

So now the NFL is starting to lose it patience and is fining those under their thumb for speaking out on the subject. So for the record, the fans, the player, and the real referees… Roger Goodell… FUCK the living shit out of YOU!

(Any NFL Player that wants to lash out about the situation can email me ( and I will post their comment anonymously. This will let them express themselves and not get fined by the NFL.)

So what is it that the real referees are wanting in their negotiations?

They want to keep their pensions, and not migrate to a 401(k) plan.
There is also some issue with the duration of the next contract. One side wants 7 years, the other wants ten.

As I understand it, the cash that we are talking is .005% of the 9 billion dollars of the NFL (next year it is expected to be 10 billion dollars)

Come on NFL, these refs not only protect the game play, they also protect our players safety. Just pay them and get them back to the job that they want to do.  We can scream at their mistakes and call them blind, but they are OUR refs. They are better equipped to handle our abuse, but they are also faster on the field and can make decisions that make sense to the play and players.

Perhaps the teams need to randomly refuse to play. They are union members after all, maybe they will choose to support their fellow union members on strike and not cross the line to play.

The scab referees are doing the best that they can. I applaud their efforts. Keeping in mind their experience level, they are just not experienced enough for pro ball officiating. I hope that these guys remember that they are in over their head and are doing as well as they can. There are a ton of rules differences between pro play, and the small colleges and high schools that these guys work for.

Fantasy Football 2012

Okay, I am kicking off my season and wanted to offer some slots to new teams.

If you would like an invite, just let me know and I will get the invite over to you.


It is a free Yahoo Fantasy Football league.

We are not doing the head to head match up, but at a cumulative score throughout the season.