Why is it that…

While I was at the store on the way home tonight, I went to get some applesauce. It struck me very odd that there was very little floor space for canned fruit. There was 16 feet of canned fruit. (actual length in the aisle, no I did not take the… Continue reading

It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today. Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap. We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding. After the shower we… Continue reading

Mayor LooneyBerg

We have another piece of news brought to us by way of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC. The Mayor is presumably not an idiot as it does take some degree of intelligence to amass a 22 billion dollar fortune without being an inheritance. We are seeing a proposal on banning any… Continue reading

Produce diversity

This was also supposed to fire off over the weekend. Is anyone concerned about the lack of diversity in produce? We are seeing the genetic engineering of plant increase tremendously. The strains are being patented and farmers are getting clobbered by stray seed in their fields. They sample the fields… Continue reading

Dietary changes

Over the last year, have you made dietary changes? Are there any positive changes to your diet that you have found to be easy or quite beneficial?   I think that many of us WANT to make healthy (healthier) changes, but become overwhelmed when trying to make those choices. I… Continue reading

Do they think that we are idiots?

This article is based on a site that was forwarded to to me. (http://consumerist.com/2012/05/has-the-grocery-shrink-ray-turned-saltines-round.html) Perhaps this is just another case of the pendulum swinging. We see it with the courts and legislation, why not the retail market? We saw portion sizes increase over a generation or two, until Supersize Me… Continue reading

Bonus Post: Happy National Animal Crackers Day

Who doesn’t enjoy them? They are that blend of cookie and cracker in one, that we can mindlessly consume and feel guilty for later. in the history of the Animal Crackers there have been 37 different animals since the National Biscuit Company brought out the Barnum’s Animals boxes.   Per… Continue reading

Spark People

For those who have been around the site for a while, you are already aware of my recent health issues. For everyone else it is documented here in posts over the last year, but I have had two heart attacks. When you have a heart attack, there is commonly a… Continue reading

A thought on Welfare and Food stamps

In all fairness, I have been on both food stamps and welfare in my past. When one is on assistance, it is very easy to fall into the trap of comparing your benefits to the pay of prospective employment. We see too many people staying on the government tit for… Continue reading