Why is it that…

While I was at the store on the way home tonight, I went to get some applesauce.

It struck me very odd that there was very little floor space for canned fruit.

There was 16 feet of canned fruit. (actual length in the aisle, no I did not take the time to count the shelves to go that far)

This is a same space given to cooking oils…

There is 24 aisle feet of cat litter and a full aisle length of cereal not including the specials on the end caps etc.

Is this the importance of fruit? There is more space taken by spaghetti sauce.


It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today.

Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap.
We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding.
After the shower we put down the deposit for the Luepke Center for our wedding and all ages reception.
Saturday November 3rd has been made official.
The officiant is working on the ceremony and it will likely be a blend of American Indian and Wiccan.

Now that we have a location, the real work can begin. I am assembling the guest lists.
The bachelor/bachelorette parties will be held on October 20th. They will be merged to a jack and jill party at the Back Alley for the second half of the evening. Who in their right mind wants to hold those the night before the wedding… silly kids just don’t know better.

While I am at the bar tonight for Tyger’s and my birthday party (we will be heading down at about 9) I will lock in the wedding date for the 21 and over reception.
More details as appropriate. . .

Mayor LooneyBerg

We have another piece of news brought to us by way of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.

The Mayor is presumably not an idiot as it does take some degree of intelligence to amass a 22 billion dollar fortune without being an inheritance.

We are seeing a proposal on banning any sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.
Sugary drink is defined as any drink that contains more than 25 calories per 8 ounces of fluid.
Grocery stores are exempt form this proposal. When you are at 7-11 there will not be any slurpee cups bigger than 16 ounces. Now when you are at McDonald’s you will be able to get all the refills that they will permit a customer, but only in 16 ounce containers. Oh yeah, and unless that Starbucks coffee is black you won’t see it in Venti or Trenta (24 oz and 31 oz). Oh yeah, sports drinks often will not make that cut.. and you thought that they were healthy right? just good to rehydrate with…

Mayor McFaucktard is passionate about the health of his constituents which is admirable, we all would like to be healthy… but when do we let Darwinism take effect? For those of us who choose to be healthy, we will live longer and enjoy life. For those of us that chose to eat and drink what we want… we will live shorter live (presumably) and enjoy our lives… What’s the matter Mr Mayor, will we not live to pay enough taxes for you? Fuck the hell off and quit being the Nanny Mayor as you have been dubbed!

The Mayor has had a problem with soda for some time. He failed at pushing through a soda tax as well as trying to ban food stamps from covering soda (hard to mess with a federal program isn’t it).

He has annoyed plenty of folks before with his requirement to put the calorie counts on the menus, the ban on trans fats, or smoking in public.

Something I didn’t know, he was a Democrat, then Republican, and now is an Independent. Perhaps being subjected to so many ideologies has broken his brain…

Produce diversity

This was also supposed to fire off over the weekend.

Is anyone concerned about the lack of diversity in produce?
We are seeing the genetic engineering of plant increase tremendously.
The strains are being patented and farmers are getting clobbered by stray seed in their fields.
They sample the fields and find the patented strain in the field and charge them, when the farmer did not even WANT that seed in the field.
There are some seed banks that are safeguarding strains of pure seeds just in case the shit hits that fan, but who will really have access to it?
It looks like my garden will be going in late, but I feel that I need to do something to get real vegetables into my diet.
I mentioned the whole corn price thing, and not seeing why it has to have gone that way…
Why is it getting so hard to do the right thing for our diets?

Dietary changes

Over the last year, have you made dietary changes?

Are there any positive changes to your diet that you have found to be easy or quite beneficial?


I think that many of us WANT to make healthy (healthier) changes, but become overwhelmed when trying to make those choices.

I know that I stood one day in near tears trying to find a salad dressing that was acceptable to my tongue as well as my waist. I found that tossing the salad with a responsible amount of dressing worked out well. It certainly prevents the drowning of the greens that I commonly see.

Do they think that we are idiots?

This article is based on a site that was forwarded to to me. (http://consumerist.com/2012/05/has-the-grocery-shrink-ray-turned-saltines-round.html)

Perhaps this is just another case of the pendulum swinging. We see it with the courts and legislation, why not the retail market?

We saw portion sizes increase over a generation or two, until Supersize Me came along an showed people how bad things were getting. (BTW the guy in Supersize Me must have been a pansy since he could not last a month on fast food, but I went roughly 18 months without a home cooked meal)

Remember when we used to buy ice cream by the half gallon? Now it is not that easy to FIND a half gallon container.

This year the boxes of girl scout cookies were in smaller packages and a higher price. I am done with them unless I just WANT a box when they are standing outside the store. The troops only get 25 or 50 cents per box, granted they are relying on volume, but shit!  Plain old macaroni, we could get a 3 pound (?) bag, now I am seeing a pound and a half or one pound…

Is the market shrinking the sizes of the packages to make more variety available in the stores?

Is this just  away to sneak a price increase past the multitudes of sheeple?

Bonus Post: Happy National Animal Crackers Day

Who doesn’t enjoy them?

They are that blend of cookie and cracker in one, that we can mindlessly consume and feel guilty for later.

in the history of the Animal Crackers there have been 37 different animals since the National Biscuit Company brought out the Barnum’s Animals boxes.


Per the Wiki

The current animals:
polar bear
seal and

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Barnum’s added the koala to the menagerie in September 2002.

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers currently feature bear, camel, elephant, rhinoceros, lion, monkey, owl, penguin, rabbit, ram, turtle, and zebra.

Cadburys Animals are chocolate coated (although rather sparingly) and feature elephant, monkey, lion, tiger and hippo – all with nicknames and all rather the same shape.

Stauffer’s animal crackers include a lion, elephant, mountain goat, cow, house cat, camel, tiger, horse, donkey, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, American buffalo (or bison) and bear.

The Animal Crackers came to America in the late 1800’s.


Sorry FakingShock, but the consumer vote for new animals chose koala over penguin, perhaps next time.



PS – It is also Wear your Pajamas to Work Day. I am not celebrating because my company has this dress code… I must be wearing something, which is more than I do when I sleep.

Impending Catastrophic Event

Will you bug in, or bug out? Or neither?

What do you predict the event to be?

Have you prepared, or are you planning to at some point?


Spark People

For those who have been around the site for a while, you are already aware of my recent health issues.
For everyone else it is documented here in posts over the last year, but I have had two heart attacks.

When you have a heart attack, there is commonly a list of lifestyle changes to get your body into a better position to avoid future events.

I have found a GREAT resource for helping with those changes.

sparkpeople.com is a totally free resource with a ton of trackers and support systems. Oh and tons of yummy looking recipes.

You can scale your efforts based on your needs. They cover almost everything health related as near as I can tell.
They have loads of trackers to help you log whatever you need for your health conditions.

Did you need to lose weight, gain weight, track calories, track blood pressure, log exercise, water intake, and more.
I am not profiting from this post (other than the google ad on the page) but I do feel a need to share this resource.

The users of the site have formed their own support groups for everything. You have blogspace and a friends list like the other social networks. This one is geared differently since we are not there to play mindless games. I have my friends list set to send a notice to my list when I lose five pounds.

For those that are competitive, you can join teams (mini support groups) that may have challenges that support whatever topic they have decided on. For example I am in one challenge to drink 8 glasses of water a day, so there is a tracker on my page for it. I can see streaks on my efforts.

You can set up so many charts and graphs (as a statistics geek, I am in heaven).

The only area that I can’t find in there site (and I will be requesting it) is a smoking cessation area. There are plenty of user pages and message board posts on the subject, but they don’t have a tool to aid with it.

*** Edit ***
You can add customer trackers, so that you can do any kind of tracking you was such as a tracker with a goal of zero and just track your cigarettes on a daily basis.

SparkPeople.com: Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

A thought on Welfare and Food stamps

In all fairness, I have been on both food stamps and welfare in my past.

When one is on assistance, it is very easy to fall into the trap of comparing your benefits to the pay of prospective employment. We see too many people staying on the government tit for as long as they CAN, not as long as they need to.

Perhaps if food stamps and welfare were a loan with say 2-3% interest, accruing a the end of the assistance… maybe we would see people being weaned far sooner than the system we are currently using.

I do not mind giving people a hand UP, I don’t want them to just wait for a hand OUT.