Do you use multiple Facebook accounts?

I think that many of us have different sides of ourselves that we don’t share with our friends or family.

I have multiple accounts, but now that I have several Facebook pages, I don’t use the extra accounts.

My personal account stays family friendly, but my Facebook pages, may not be.


Do you find yourself posting some content from one account, but going to another to post different type of content? Maybe you have a family profile, friends, and another for gaming.



Sexuality discussion from Facebook

This topic comes to us from the Facebook page:

I think we all know that it is far tougher for a lady to achieve an orgasm.

There are some obvious mechanics that need to be fulfilled to allow the ladies to acheive what we men can achieve with ease, sometimes with too damn much ease.

I think this post will be looking at three sub topics:
1 – Are you able to achieve an orgasm?
2 – If you are, what helps you get there more easily?
3 – For those that cannot have an orgasm with your lover, do you finish yourself off (either openly or privately) afterwards?

IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant

Anyone for a forth amendment discussion? Does, or should, the government have the right to peruse individual’s e-mail accounts, and chat history, without cause or a warrant?

If they are allowed to continue this practice, how long before corporations are given the same “rights”?


By, Eyes_Open

Facebook integration

Okay, we are branching out to Facebook.

You will find our sister site at (I was surprised that it was available.

I am also putting the facebook commenting tools back in place. I don’t remember why I removed them. Perhaps I will remember after we use it a bit.

If you need an email address to create a more anonymous facebook account (or just want one, let me know and I will get something for you.


(I also turned the embedding of youtube videos back on)


The Facebook IPO is all over the media, do you give a shit?

Thank you for the topic idea R101

Okay, many of us spend too much time on Facebook.
Guilty as charged, but I find it a replacement for the games that I was playing that had monthly fees. (I may play WoW again for a while though)
But, back to the topic at hand. Facebook is going public today.
The market opened about thirty minutes ago if you are reading it when it is posted.
There are 2.74 billion shares up for grabs with a starting price of 38.00/share.
Mark Zuckerburg will retain 57% of the stock for his controlling share.

Forbes appeared to be telling it’s reader to not feel bad if they did not buy FB stock.
From what they were saying, this is really just a matter of shifting cash into Zuckerburg’s pocket.
After reviewing a number of articles by the various market analysts, I am left with the feeling that neither the market nor myself really give a shit that FB is going public.
It may be amusing to see how much Facebook enjoy being SarbOx compliant.
In some ways this may be better for the user in the realm of the changes that they choose to make. They will have shareholders to kind of answer to.The shareholders can’t do anything if they don’t like the leadership, since I really doubt that Mark will care.
I wonder if it will spur the market, if it will will just be another day.