Is Colin Kaepernick Entitled to a Job?

Is anyone else tired of the sad little shit known as Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick made a decision to stage a protest while on his employer’s time. That decision had a consequence, he ultimately lost his job and no other team has picked him up.

Does this need collusion? Not really, why would a team owner want the added drama? He is a mediocre player so there is little reason forĀ  team to wish to include him in a team sport.

Don’t get me wrong, he can certainly protest any issue that he wants provided that it is during HIS time. I do not support the method of his protest. I do however support that he has the right to do so.

If an actor chose to take a knee at the start of each day filming, how long would directors put up with it? Would they be forced to cast them for films?

If an ER doc chose to take a knee at any time a patient came to see them, would the hospitals appreciate the quality of care? Should they be saddled with the disruption?

If I were to participate in a protest on the clock, I would expect negative consequences. I would also expect hem to follow me for a while. We know that prospective employers can call previous employers and ask what our rehire status is… it is a fact of work life. If the prospective employer does not feel comfortable with the candidate, they will be apprehensive to hire. why is Kaepernick any different?

Perhaps if Colin were to include a clause in his contract to be a PROFESSIONAL player on game days and any other time that he is representing his team or the league including a significant financial penalty for breech he might find a team will to take him on.

He shit in his bed, now he has another decision, clean it up, or get comfortable in it.

Cyber-security studies continue

As I have pondered it, my studies will continue.

I have too much invested to stop my cyber-security career just because my new team does not utilize it much. I am drawn to the field so it is best to follow that attraction to see where it will take me. My sample tests are showing that I am on the verge of readiness to sit for the Security+ exam. I hope to be able to complete the cert before leaving for Vegas next month.

My new team is nicely inclusive. They are still learning who I am and all that comes with that. With any luck, they will enjoy all that Griz has grown to be.

Another step towards employment salvation

As I move along the timeline of my 90-day letter, my current “manager” is releasing me to my next team.

My new manager is someone that I have known for about 13 years. He is one that helped train me at a previous job and has been a man that I look to for technical leadership.

I am very lucky that he tossed me a life ring. I suppose that it is a testament to my working/living right. He knows my work ethic and has been a facebook friend all these years so he knows who I am outside of work as well. Had I been an ass to work, with the help simply would not have been offered.

There is a ton for me to learn so that I can help add to my new team’s successes, while I try to minimize my drag on their resources during the learning curve.

How many have really given up looking for work?

Thank you Ken for this topic –

This topic is something that we have been hearing quite a bit over the last couple decades.

All of these people (fill in the blank) have given up on looking for work…

Who are these people? WHERE are these people? When I was out of work, I had to keep some kind of income to feed and house my family. They did not go hungry or homeless, thank God, but it was a chore to keep things going.

I am not saying that there is a job for everyone. We have plenty of factors that go into this problem, but for the time being lets contain this to the simpler topic at hand.

How MANY have given up looking for work?

If you have or a family member has, please speak up. (Notice I did not ask about friends or friends of friends)

Why did you give up and how are you getting by?


Immigration, both legal and illegal, is bad for the economy and job growth.

A study by the Center for Immigration Studies, as reported by the Washington Post, has echoed reports done during the Reagan administration, proving that immigration is bad for the economy. All job gains since the year 2000 have gone to immigrants, while native born worker unemployment numbers continue to increase. With the current immigration reform bill on the House floor including a “Path to Citizenship for all Illegal Immigrants” should we be inviting in more job seekers when the present population can’t find jobs?


By Eyes_Open

employer vs employee

We have some challenges going on at the office right now.

It brings to mind the differences between management and the front line employees.

Those of us on the front lines have basically two camps, the just do our jobs and get through the day, or people like me who are intrepreneurs. For those who are not aware of the term, an intrepreneur is an employee who has a mind set of an entrepreneur, watching for ways to make the company more effective or profitable as if it were their own.

For an intrepreneur, it is hard to watch what they perceive as managerial mis-steps. After all we are the ones on the front lines doing battle with the customers or the equipment (network in my case).

The employees who just keep their head down and just do the job may have less stress, just following the flock even if it leads to the pack of wolves. For me, I see shit and from my perspective I think I smell the wolves around the bend.

I know that the executives have their grand plans with spreadsheets and graphs, and they may be wonderful, but not to the people doing the labor.

Seems kind of like the 1% and 99% situation doesn’t it?

Is the economy showing signs of life?

We are seeing the unemployment rates dribbling downward, and now the jobless claims are sliding a bit.
I saw a few cents fall from the price of gas over the last week but we know how volatile that is…
What other signs of life are you seeing in the economy?
Are you starting to see friends and family getting back to work yet?

Can a municipality fire employees for being smokers?

“The Fort Worth Mayor, Betsy Price, and the City council are considering making the entire city employee work force “Non Smoking.” In other words, if you smoke cigarettes, you can’t work for the City of Fort Worth. No-one around here knows what that will mean. Does a smoker get fired? or just sent to no-smoking school? No more smokers are hired? (It is legal to smoke therefore, this is a violation of an individual’s rights.) People are lining up to file lawsuits if this goes further than it has already.”

We have seen this float around the country previously.
I think the case law has been pretty clear on it.
With that said, what say you?