New signs that the earth has a built in ability to recover from harm we can cause.



There have been recent, as well as well documented cases in the past, that the Earth is a self healing system. With today’s climate change hysteria at it’s pivotal moment ,and many people blaming humans for the most recent shifts, the earth is once again proving that it has prepared itself well ahead of time to deal with anything we can throw at it.

With new growth sprouting up from the fertile and newly uncovered landscape, the environments ability to cope with rising CO2 levels also increases, creating a new balance in the eons old game of environmental shifts. Once again the earth has out done herself, in spite of how powerful we like to believe we are.

Research pair finds global warming matched predictions from 1990


Is this an indication that we are doomed, or that global warming is part of the natural cycle of the earth and we can’t do anything to alter it?


The article mentions that in 20 years the average temperature has risen .35 degrees Celsius, very close to the prediction. But the original scientist that made that prediction couldn’t have know to factor in the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the sudden reduction in gasses from Russia or the rise of China as an industrial giant, etc. Though the article attributes this to the “High caliber” of the original scientist, unless that caliber enabled them to see the future events that is not a likely scenario. Isn’t it more likely that “Global warming” isn’t man made or man influenced? And just how much of a difference will ~1 degree make over 40 years, if it continues? Remember, it was the same scientific groups that blamed man-made carbon emissions in the 1970s for the fall in global temperatures, and the beginning of the new ice age, that never happened.

Should national environmental policy focus on developing more oil resources, or developing renewable energy sources?

As we watch the prices of oil become more and more artificially inflated what direction should we be taking with energy?

We already know that the oil refineries are not running at peak capacity.
Do we think that the oil sands project is going to help that?
Is it time to look in entirely different technology for transportation?