Which administrations have had the most resignations or indictments?

This post will take some time to refine the data.

The title really is the desired information. My initial thoughts are that this will show the GOP as the most corrupt. It could be enlightening, let us see huh?



Bush (W)


Bush (HW)



here is one source to start it off, while I gather details.









BARACK OBAMA Democratic 8 0 0 0
GEORGE W. BUSH Republican 8 16 16 9
BILL CLINTON Democratic 8 2 1 1
GEORGE H. W. BUSH Republican 4 1 1 1
RONALD REAGAN Republican 8 26 16 8
JIMMY CARTER Democratic 4 1 0 0
GERALD FORD Republican 2.4 1 1 1
RICHARD NIXON Republican 5.6 76 55 15

Wait, what?

So the government shutdown has no problem spending money to keep people out of parks and other resources during this shut down… but has no problem with granting a permit to let the damn illegals construct a stage and use the National Mall for a rally/protest to demand amnesty and rights?


What the hell kind of bullshit is this?


Of course with the current illegal loving government, even if there weren’t a shut down, nobody would have the balls to round up the illegals and ship their asses back to their countries of origin.

I find the tactics to force the citizenry to give a shit about the shut down to be stunning. All the various services being blocked that may cost more to block than to allow pedestrian traffic. Why should sections of the open sea be closed to fishing?

Are you really going to tell the Border Patrol to stand down and just permit illegals free flow across the borders?

To me that seems actionable. I find THAT to be grounds for impeachment. Kind of funny coming from a non-tea party member right?

Kind of funny coming from a former Obama supporter. I said years ago, that I would call it like I saw it and if Obama proved to be a problem, I would call him out on it. Welcome to that day…

Mr President, it is becoming more clear that you have some sides of you that SUCK!

No, I do not think I would change my votes if I have the chance as I still think he was the lesser of the evils. Some things were good but the more we see  of his second term, the less I care for him.

Gay Marriage; States rights, federal rights, or human rights

By Eyes_open


As the Supreme Court takes on the issue of California’s Proposition 8, and the federal DOMA, and Jeb Bush weighs in that he believes marriage should be a states rights issue, where do you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage, and why. Is it a matter that should be left to each state, should the federal government be involved and to what degree. Or is this a constitutional violation of civil rights, placing it in the hands of the Supreme Court.

We the voters, made it through the conventions.

Now that the conventions are over with (and the tons of money given the the respective hosts for security etc.) do you feel more solidified with your party?

Did you feel that your party’s position was clearly spelled out?

Are things looking better for your candidate over all, or do you feel that the electoral world is still pretty well screwed?


The field has narrowed

Since it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican candidate and Obama on the Democrat side, without any viable Independent candidates…


I would like to gather up predictions for election day.

Since the political scene is so fluid, I want to address this again the day before the election in case there are changes.

So who is going to win and by what percentage of the popular vote?

American Budget Crisis

Hmmm so we have this bloated Democratic and Republican budget… Yes it is a problem caused by both parties, so don’t even try to make it a party line pile of shit. not buying it.

how do we fix it?

I am going to have to grab a copy in digital format (as I am not paying for a printing, not to mention the paper savings).

It would be interesting to slash and cut… If I were a programmer, I would come up with a budget simulator to allow you to hack and slash the budget and see the most logical results of your changes.


RJ’s facebook post got me to think about it again.