Nullification Lives On

The Michigan House of Representatives unanimously voted in favor of House bill 5768. A bill which states that no state employee can assist in any way with the federal government carrying out actions pursuant to section 1021 of the national defense authorization act. An act which authorizes the federal government to detain indefinitely and without cause anyone. The 2012 NDAA reeks of McCarty era politics, now states are standing up and saying NO we are not going back to that dark time.

Should the federal government be allowed to bypass all due process in pursuit of their assumed enemy?

Are the states right to fight back against this act that would give the federal government absolute authority in detaining citizens?

Antikythera Mechanism

So this device was found in the early 1900’s in a wreck dated at around 1 BC yet this device as dated should not even exist until at least around the 14th century.

Have we lost knowledge somewhere? Do we have amnesia as a species?

No, I’m not a nut, tin foil hat wearer or conspiracy theorist, but it does make you wonder.

It would be like finding a wrist watch in 390 AD yet the first known wrist watch was not crafted until 1790 AD.



Griz’s Grand Experiment Part Deux

So I am going to post the list in two ways, one is as a post.
The other will be as comments.

deleted the contents voluntarily.

Area 51’ish stuff

There are in existence, documents, within the newly released classified Majestic Twelve files, evidence that two bases have been built for Aliens. Both were paid for with US tax dollars. One was built in Dulce, NM and the other at Indian Springs, NV (area 51.) The Weird surfaces.