Which War is More Active?

Which do you think is more under way, the war on terror or the war on freedom? We know that our government will lie to us (regardless of party. don;t even think that this is a partisan issue) at the drop of a hat. I watched an interesting show on… Continue reading

Dog the Bounty Hunter, the latest threat against Snowden

Dog the Bounty Hunter has sworn to bring Snowden back to American, though what ever illegal means he can find. http://www.chronicle.su/news/dog-the-bounty-hunter-to-pursue-snowden-bounty/ And just who has offered a billion dollar reward for his return? The government isn’t allowed to hire mercenaries or brake international law in pursuit of the accused, so… Continue reading

Research pair finds global warming matched predictions from 1990

http://phys.org/news/2012-12-pair-global.html   Is this an indication that we are doomed, or that global warming is part of the natural cycle of the earth and we can’t do anything to alter it?   The article mentions that in 20 years the average temperature has risen .35 degrees Celsius, very close to… Continue reading

Nullification Lives On

The Michigan House of Representatives unanimously voted in favor of House bill 5768. A bill which states that no state employee can assist in any way with the federal government carrying out actions pursuant to section 1021 of the national defense authorization act. An act which authorizes the federal government… Continue reading

Antikythera Mechanism

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism So this device was found in the early 1900’s in a wreck dated at around 1 BC yet this device as dated should not even exist until at least around the 14th century. Have we lost knowledge somewhere? Do we have amnesia as a species? No, I’m not a… Continue reading

Was James Holmes part of a conspiracy?

Now that a day and a half has passed, I am starting to look around for what they have pieced together. We know that much happened in a short amount of time. The speculation is so deep that we still need our hip waders I am quite tired of seeing… Continue reading

Do they think that we are idiots?

This article is based on a site that was forwarded to to me. (http://consumerist.com/2012/05/has-the-grocery-shrink-ray-turned-saltines-round.html) Perhaps this is just another case of the pendulum swinging. We see it with the courts and legislation, why not the retail market? We saw portion sizes increase over a generation or two, until Supersize Me… Continue reading

Griz’s Grand Experiment Part Deux

So I am going to post the list in two ways, one is as a post. The other will be as comments. deleted the contents voluntarily. 12345678

Area 51’ish stuff

There are in existence, documents, within the newly released classified Majestic Twelve files, evidence that two bases have been built for Aliens. Both were paid for with US tax dollars. One was built in Dulce, NM and the other at Indian Springs, NV (area 51.) The Weird surfaces.

Has the executive branch of the American government gained too much power in the last fifty years?

Have the various Presidents over the last 50 years managed to push their boundaries too far? What is the check and balance for the executive order?