A Bill of Rights issue for Oregon

Well this was certainly unexpected…

Another of many reasons that I continue to no longer be an Oregon resident.

How can any state feel that they are above the U.S. Constitution? Do inalienable rights mean so little to Oregon and her residents that they should be easily cast aside?

Lawsuit Challenges Oregon Law Prohibiting Mathematical Criticism Without a License

Sextortion – are you aware of it?

As so many are flocking to cell phones and the ages of the users are getting younger, there is a topic that parents need to be aware of.

Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation that employs non-physical forms of coercion to extort sexual favors from the victim. Sextortion refers to the broad category of sexual exploitation in which abuse of power is the means of coercion, as well as to the category of sexual exploitation in which threatened release of sexual images or information is the means of coercion.[1]

We as a society need to be able to band together to combat this psychological attack against our youth. 83% of the victims are female, and 46% are minors. Like physical sexual assault, it is estimated that only a third or less of the victims report the crime. 60% of the perpetrators knew the victim before the incident.

I have reviewed the evidence of one of these cases personally. No, I will not share that data as the victim does not deserve that. The portrayal below is based on that incident but is sanitized for her privacy. This was properly reported to the appropriate authorities.

Here is how this abuse occurred:

  • Victim received a text from an unknown source
  • criminal claimed that they had nude photos of the victim
  • They also recited her street address, including which room within her apartment was hers
  • the pictures were going to be shared on all forms of social media unless she complied with the criminal
  • the criminal wanted her to disrobe for more pictures
  • on a the second day the criminal resumed texting with a more aggressive tone
  • the same intent of getting more pictures
  • Criminal escalated to calling the victim and pressuring her to an online video chat service in Scandinavia (I believe in Norway) to excuse herself from family to go to a bathroom to disrobe and put herself on display.

As I and my colleagues tried to trace the evidence and find the personal data exposure, we were impressed with the victim’s awareness of protecting her data. She does not have her college address shared with any databases other than Amazon, and even they did not have which room was hers.

Text messages are very hard to trace unless you are law enforcement. Even for them, they are not easy. Because of my role, I was able to provide the FBI with the owner (not the user) of the phone numbers used to text and call the victim.  I was also able to  alert the abuse team at the video chat service so that they could review the actions of their users. Since I did not have a subpoena, I was unable to get data to relay to the FBI.

When the victim returned to campus, she found that her roommates were also victims. Since the issue was clearly involving a local perp, the apartment management was advised. They had a very lame excuse that this was a data breach when someone restarted the internet. I am still stunned with how stupid this answer is. The apartment management company did say that seven women had come forward. This number ended up rising to twenty when published by a local media source. The article was a plea for other victims to come forward. It is my personal opinion that the apartment complex has a rogue employee that needs to be identified, arrested, and prosecuted. So far this particular incident is limited to the complex.

When I asked if the abuse has continued, the victim stated that there has not been a peep since the police report was filed. The situation is getting great exposure on campus so the student body is much more aware.

If you check the links below, you will find that this situation is not isolated, but becoming more and more common.

Parents need the same level of awareness. This is the tool that you need to arm your kids (regardless of how grown that they are) so that they can fend off these pond scum samples.

Obviously the first line is to make sure that they do not have these kinds of pictures TO BE shared in the first place. I also know that this is wishful thinking, just like abstaining from sex before committed relationships. It is talking to them so that they know if they do not have content for the criminals to share, then why co-operate with their demands. Do not delete the texts, call logs or any other evidence. The local police (and likely the FBI) need to be contacted. Take the time to file the report. The perp needs to be caught. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if your kids DID have content that could be exposed, this is not the time to blame the victim. They did nothing to deserve this. My thought is to treat that situation as you would when your kid calls form a party/bar after drinking. Get them to safety then discuss when it is more mentally safe to do so. If your kids know without a doubt that you will stand with them, then they will be more likely to tell you of the incident so you can help them through it.

I hope that nobody that you know has to go through this, but the numbers indicate that it will hit close to home.

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The Vancouver/Portland Metro area in case of a major earthquake

Several years ago while I was still in the Civil Air Patrol I attended an Emergency Communicators Summit.

The focus dealt with communications preparedness in the case of a significant earthquake. Some of the discussion was the same stuff we hear anytime there is a tremor big enough for the populous to feel, but some was news to most of us.

The news was startling.

In the case of a major quake all bridges, tunnels, and overpasses are to be closed until they can be inspected by engineers. There are hundreds of overpasses, dozens of major bridges and a handful of tunnels.

For those that live in the area, Portland is called bridgetown for a reason. Think about the places that you travel to on a daily basis. How many times to cross one of those inspection points?


Two years ago I created a presentation to be used as emergency services events. It posed a hypothetical situation to get people to thing about the situation at hand. In summary is was like this:

Like many in Clark County (much of Portland applies also) you have a family member that works in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro or some other community over a major river. If there is a major earthquake and all of the bridges, tunnels, and overpasses are closed. Do you have a family emergency plan? In major events the cell services fail or are taken by the local emergency services.

Do you have a meetup point in case your home is not safe to remain in due to damage, nearby structure fires, water main breaks? It might takes days to get from Hillsboro to Vacouver.

Are you one of the few that has an emergency kit with supplies? Is it accessible without having to dig through an unsafe home to get at it? What is in that kit? How long will it last you?

If there is interest in this discussion, I will be happy to go into more detail.


I found a rough draft (I am waiting for a copy of the final presentation that I turned over to the ham club) but it was written for amateur radio operators.


Family Emergency Preparedness by Amateur Radio


2m base station:

The base station can be simple, a radio that is commonly used for a car with an AC power supply to plug it into your wall jack. If the budget will permit it, a battery backup unit can give you radio time without a generator if the power is out. Our focus here is that it has to be easy AND be able to communicate.

J-pole antenna OR a copper cactus antenna:

You base station needs an antenna. If you are putting this system together as a kit in a tub just in case, then a J-pole antenna is great as it can be coiled up and placed in the tub with everything else. However, perhaps you are going to have this radio set in place. If that is the case, then a Copper Cactus (a rigid antenna made of copper tubing) can do well for you as you stick it into the ground outside your window and pass the feed line through the window where you connect to the radio.

2m handheld:

Your handheld also can be simple. You don’t need all of the bells and whistles, you just need to talk to your family at home. In a good case, you will be able to use a repeater to talk to home. In a more difficult situation, you will have to talk simplex (direct from your hand held to the base station) to get ahold of your base station. For the best signal strength and clarity, I would suggest that you keep a 20-25 dollar magnetic mount antenna in the trunk of your car so that you can grab it if needed.


Now that we have the radios, antennas, and your licenses, let’s think about an example scenario:

It is 3:45 on a Tuesday afternoon, and the kids are home from school. There has just been an 8.3 earthquake and the power has gone out. While the various agencies are swamped with calls the local agencies had to take over the cell phone frequencies. You like many in Clark County work on the Oregon side of the Columbia. Because of the quake, all bridges and overpasses are closed until they can be inspected.

You have thought ahead and created an emergency plan that has provisions of what to do if the family is not together when an emergency happens. Johnny and Janey make sure that they are okay and safe. Their next step is to get their checklist and start following it.

  • Call mom and dad (in this case the phones are down)
  • Get the ham radio setup
  • Put the antenna outside
  • Tune to the repeater that was already programmed and try calling mom/dad (maybe the repeater is down)
  • Tune to the simplex frequency on the list
  • Let mom/dad know how things are at home
  • Work out how you will proceed

When a municipality goes bankrupt

Thank you Tom Leykis for the question at hand.

When a municipality goes bankrupt, what should be done?

Do you prioritize the properties and services so that you can try to right the ship by selective sales?

Start selling off parks, schools, publicly owned buildings, vehicles etc…




Ferguson, yes I have views too

So the world has been watching to see where this went.

Before I begin, I was not there, nor was I in the grand jury, so I know only what the public knows.

I am in a different camp than Wil Wheaton, and others. I am probably in the minority of Anonymous, as the vocal side is stomping their feet that this was such a travesty.

I do not know what factors told the officer that deadly force was the best reaction.  Perhaps he SHOULD have used a non-lethal.

Am I racist? no, will I be called racist, could be.

We knew that the chance was high that there was going to be trouble either way tonight.  How many riots or destruction has occurred after winning a pro ball game or hockey game? People get overly excited and lose their common sense.

The bottom line is that the grand jury did not see enough to compel ANY of them to put forth charges. Not ONE!

We know from the strong arm robbery shortly before his death, that he was not in his right mind. He may have been kind and gentle normally, but not that day.

Sorry, this was blown way out of proportion, and most of us knew it in August. So much money and time spent. I will not call it it a waste, because our society seemed to feel the need for it to be intense. So be it.

We also knew in August that the masses were no going to accept the outcome.

Now it will go to a civil case where you don’t really have to prove a case. At least not anywhere near as conclusively.

God help those who have been directly impacted; family, friends, the community, even the police…

To those protesting: Please do not rip up your communities…

Ms. Lips is bored

When Ms. Lips gets bored, it may be dangerous.

I am pretty sure that Ms. Lips and Ms. Badcat are both on the same pages as to what I have been doing over the last month.

Gigglez and I dropped the daughter off at WSU Pullman.

We are very proud of her. Now that she is an adult… Go Bree!!!

As part of her path toward veterinary school, she has to be mindful of all of those things that will make her more attractive to getting accepted. This is not some overnight idea for her. she has had this plan in play as long as I have known her. We are talking since she was ten or so.

Here is where we can kill two birds with one stone. Ms. Lips, I know that you are wonderfully smart, so how about we exercise the synapses.

I was thinking that we can develop a crowd funding type project that she can do (with help from behind the curtain) that is in some way pet related community oriented charity work.

Welcome back you two!