While I was cleaning up a ton of old email

So, I was bothered by how much old email was cluttering up my inbox and folders.

As I cleared old emails, I stumbled onto email from a KATU commenter that has since passed away. He is missed…

All of those that used to frequent this page commenting the hours away are missed. Yes, we are all facebook friends, but on facebook, we have different factors that prevent us from expressing the way that we want. For some, it may be that they cannot assume their true personae because loved ones do not understand or would not approve.

I hope to see the debates resume at some point. obviously after this long, I am not holding my breath.

You know who you are, and are loved.

Research pair finds global warming matched predictions from 1990



Is this an indication that we are doomed, or that global warming is part of the natural cycle of the earth and we can’t do anything to alter it?


The article mentions that in 20 years the average temperature has risen .35 degrees Celsius, very close to the prediction. But the original scientist that made that prediction couldn’t have know to factor in the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the sudden reduction in gasses from Russia or the rise of China as an industrial giant, etc. Though the article attributes this to the “High caliber” of the original scientist, unless that caliber enabled them to see the future events that is not a likely scenario. Isn’t it more likely that “Global warming” isn’t man made or man influenced? And just how much of a difference will ~1 degree make over 40 years, if it continues? Remember, it was the same scientific groups that blamed man-made carbon emissions in the 1970s for the fall in global temperatures, and the beginning of the new ice age, that never happened.

We are missing a lot of old friends…

As I have been going over old comments to purge some stuff, I noticed a ton of old friends that we stopped hearing from over the years.

It also occurred to me that as vehement that the crowds were that Terry Horman was guilty and would be charged any day, it has been notably quiet on that front.

Just things rolling through my head.