Dog the Bounty Hunter, the latest threat against Snowden

Dog the Bounty Hunter has sworn to bring Snowden back to American, though what ever illegal means he can find.

And just who has offered a billion dollar reward for his return? The government isn’t allowed to hire mercenaries or brake international law in pursuit of the accused, so who is backing this?

And we’re on to our next challenge!

By Eyes_Open

Seems North Korea is at it again.


And I will reiterate the last paragraph;
When an unstable communist dictator openly threatens to nuke you, what is the proper response. I’m especially interested in the opinion of left-wingers who reflexively dismiss any sort of aggressive response as only making the situation worse. Fine. What would you do? Pay them a king’s ransom? Ignore them and pray they’re not serious? Go to the Chinese (you might want to bring some money, since we owe them a little) and ask them to get the kid under control?


Being moderate, I try to steer away from total destruction. And I’d like to see us (the US) get out of other countries’ business, but this time it is a direct threat on us. We invaded the middle east because of an indirect threat, what will we do to counter this direct threat?

China – Most favored nation. . . my ass

I know that I have spoken on China in the past. I find that the Chinese government is not an honorable one. (Are they ever though?) The horrible treatment of rights all around, not just woman’s rights, or religious rights, but rights over all should not be tolerated. They may be one of the oldest nations in the world, but shouldn’t their practices move forward as well? China needs to cut loose of Tibet. Do they really gain that much form possessing Tibet? I am not opposed to a person being able to sell their spare kidney if they want or part of their liver. China is using prisoners as organ harvesting centers. Prisoners are tortured when they do not denounce the Falon Gong. Why does the world stand by when babies are left to die? China is rapidly destroying the evironment that they inhabit, we know that moves to it’s neighboring countries.