Major over-reaction. Alot of flap about 50 Shades of Grey

Sometimes the headlines yield some odd bits, but can dovetail into a better bigger discussion.

How many in our group and around have read 50 Shades? I know Gigglez has.

At the beginning it looked like a case of bad publicity was good publicity. It seemed as though the books would have slid quietly under the radar had the conservative crowd just let it all go.

As usual we saw a big to-do made. Gigglez seemed to follow Stephen King’s philosophy on the series. King said that if they want to ban a book, the first thing you should do is go read the book and find out what they are wanting to prevent you from reading. She whipped through the trilogy in no time (thank you Nook).

This series has outsold Harry Potter, to be the fastest selling paperback of all time.

I have heard and seen references to the trilogy as it is the long sought after owners manual for women.

This book is on my list of “to-read’s”.

Gigglez and I took a walkabout in Portland, and happened to give ourselves a 50 Shades tour. several points of interest form the books. Spartacus had a list of goodies from the books with quotes of their use. There appears to be a shortage of Ben Wa balls and other tool/toys.

I am not sure if I agree with Time listing E. L. James as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”. That seems a bit of a reach. But welcome to mommy-porn, perhaps it IS that influential after all.

What have you been seeing on the 50 Shades subject? Has it opened your eyes to different views, given you more reason to play differently?

Oh not to mention what started this post…

Loser seems to have gotten a bit upset… I wonder if he really KNEW anything about the series or not, or is he just another repressed fuqtard. I cannot see how that reaction is anywhere near reason. It did not sound like she left him over it though. Dump his stupid ass lady!