Last night at the Back Alley

Tyger and I headed down to the Back Alley, figuring it was going to be a fairly quiet night for karaoke.

It was far from an ordinary night.

We discovered that it was a who’s who in the Vancouver cover band scene.

We had members of Appetite for Deception, Motorbreath, Maiden NW… Several of the guys have/had many bands under their belt so it was just a fantastic night.

Since we were not pushing karaoke out for the night, it was two songs by the collage of bands dubbed “Just a Bunch of Guys and Brandon” then four karaoke singers.

This made it the largest crowd that I have ever performed in front of. It was also an interesting dynamic to sing in front of musicians that I enjoy and respect.


There were a ton of pics taken, I hope to get a few of them later on today.

tonight at the back alley…

Tonight at the Back Alley we are having a metal night. not just a metal night, but a mother “fucking metal night”. we are actually running two bouncers. There will be four to five bands all of them metal.  Our KJ’s band (Simon Says Die) will be kicking off their CD release.

it has been a LONG time since we had two bouncers. (before my time as a patron)

I am on the door, and the other bouncer has the pit.

I wanted the pit for the action,  but the owners  had other ideas.


Crazy Train Returns

This Friday night (yes, while I am working) Crazy Train is coming back to the Back Alley  at 8pm.

If you missed the last show, here is your chance.

We are not sure why they like the bar so much, but I am glad that they do.

The cover charge is five dollars and yours truly will gladly meet you at the door. (for those of you who wish to remain anonymous, that is fine.

I do not have have to know who you are, if you do not want me to know.

Also, if you like Metallica and power metal then you should love the Saturday night show. Gigglez and I will be going to the Motorbreath show again at 8pm.

Crazy Train

If you like Ozzy Osbourne, there will be a tribute band playing at the Back Alley Bar and Grill on Friday night.

Bands and comedians do not happen often that the Back Alley so this is a bit of a special occasion. I hear this band is quite good and has captured Ozzy’s on stage presence and mannerisms well.

There is a $5.00 cover charge (something else that rarely happens at the back alley, unless you are a UFC fan.

I have been tasked to be there by 7:30. The band’s website says that they are starting at 8:00pm.

We have a capacity of something around 179, so be there early to get a good seat… or any seat. 🙂