Go Topless or Not?

Okay, this last Sunday was a day of Go Topless protests around the world.

I have heard women of all ages, mid teens to well matured ladies, question why men (and many women for that matter) find breasts attractive.

It is a good question, one that I do not have an answer for. I will admit that I am not that concerned why.

The ladies’ argument was that they are just fatty tissue and no big deal.


Now if it is that nonchalant then why is the double standard in place to allow men to go topless but not women.

As we push further and further into equality, then why is this still an issue?

The only rationale that makes sense to me for the objection is low female.


What do you think? what other reasons can you think of to deny equality?

Perhaps you have arguments for equality…


Wal-mart; Knuckling under to political pressure, or a convenient excuse for desired policy changes?

By Eyes_Open

I have confirmed with other sources, Wal-mart is suspending ALL orders of ammo and firearms to their stores that carry these items, pending the final wording of the “Federal Gun Control Act” which is now in the hands of President Obama. Is this the beginning of, or escalation of, governmental control of the market? Or the next step in controlling arms to the public? Or both? Or is it just an excuse for Wal-mart to do what it may have wanted to do all along, but couldn’t because of customer pressure?


Mayor LooneyBerg

We have another piece of news brought to us by way of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.

The Mayor is presumably not an idiot as it does take some degree of intelligence to amass a 22 billion dollar fortune without being an inheritance.

We are seeing a proposal on banning any sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.
Sugary drink is defined as any drink that contains more than 25 calories per 8 ounces of fluid.
Grocery stores are exempt form this proposal. When you are at 7-11 there will not be any slurpee cups bigger than 16 ounces. Now when you are at McDonald’s you will be able to get all the refills that they will permit a customer, but only in 16 ounce containers. Oh yeah, and unless that Starbucks coffee is black you won’t see it in Venti or Trenta (24 oz and 31 oz). Oh yeah, sports drinks often will not make that cut.. and you thought that they were healthy right? just good to rehydrate with…

Mayor McFaucktard is passionate about the health of his constituents which is admirable, we all would like to be healthy… but when do we let Darwinism take effect? For those of us who choose to be healthy, we will live longer and enjoy life. For those of us that chose to eat and drink what we want… we will live shorter live (presumably) and enjoy our lives… What’s the matter Mr Mayor, will we not live to pay enough taxes for you? Fuck the hell off and quit being the Nanny Mayor as you have been dubbed!

The Mayor has had a problem with soda for some time. He failed at pushing through a soda tax as well as trying to ban food stamps from covering soda (hard to mess with a federal program isn’t it).

He has annoyed plenty of folks before with his requirement to put the calorie counts on the menus, the ban on trans fats, or smoking in public.

Something I didn’t know, he was a Democrat, then Republican, and now is an Independent. Perhaps being subjected to so many ideologies has broken his brain…