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Brainstorming session – I need your help

As everyone here on the website knows, and some from the facebook page know I bounce for a bar one night a week.

Once of the challenges I have is a group of people that turn my stomach. I cannot express how repulsed I am by their actions each week.

They go through the butt cans pulling the longer butts and smoke them, some on the spot, other take them back to the housing project and may break them down and re-roll them into something smoke-able. We have tried to dissuade them by telling them that some of our customers have communicable diseases and that they really should not be handling the butts. This does not even slow them down. Yes, even as a soon to be recovering smoker, my stomach turns as these people stoop to this level.

I contacted the manufacturer of bitrex/bitrine to see if I could buy a pint so that I could spray it on the butts to render them too foul to smoke in the hopes that I can deter them enough to leave out butt cans alone.

My challenge for you, is to help me come up with an idea for a substance that is safe for human consumption but will make the butts taste too bad for the can cruiser to keep collecting from out cans.  Obviously I don’t want to hurt anyone, nor do I want my employer to have any added legal exposure.


What do you think that I can put into a spray bottle to help with the problem?

The union is complete

If you are reading this, then Gigglez and I are married!

There will be more details to follow.


For those that are in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are all welcome to come up to the Back Alley Bar & Grill for the post-reception party, starting at 8pm.

You will find all of the details on our website,

As pictures become available, I will share them on that site, and maybe some here as well.

Last night at the Back Alley

Tyger and I headed down to the Back Alley, figuring it was going to be a fairly quiet night for karaoke.

It was far from an ordinary night.

We discovered that it was a who’s who in the Vancouver cover band scene.

We had members of Appetite for Deception, Motorbreath, Maiden NW… Several of the guys have/had many bands under their belt so it was just a fantastic night.

Since we were not pushing karaoke out for the night, it was two songs by the collage of bands dubbed “Just a Bunch of Guys and Brandon” then four karaoke singers.

This made it the largest crowd that I have ever performed in front of. It was also an interesting dynamic to sing in front of musicians that I enjoy and respect.


There were a ton of pics taken, I hope to get a few of them later on today.

Karaoke Etiquette

Since we have been talking about karaoke this morning…

There are things that we have to keep in mind:

Be kind to the singer, tip the KJ, and have some fun.

These singers come in a broad spectrum of abilities, at the Back Alley, we see people who can’t carry a tune even if you put it on a CD in a carry case for them. We also have an American Idol contestant, one who actually had camera time, and everything in between.

We are there to have fun, if we are not having fun, then there are better ways to spend your money and time.

The KJ… The KJ set the tempo for the night and it takes a lot of energy. If your KJ is just playing music, and calling you up to sing, but is lackluster, then perhaps a buck for the evening is what they are worth.

If you have a good KJ, the room is always ready for the next singer and is charged. At the Back Alley, we have a very energetic and knowledgeable man by the name Mohawk Sean Bowden. He is frequently singing (very well, I might add (one of my fav’s)) to keep the tempo and energy of the room up. If you need help finding a song, then he will do everything he can (with a smile even) to help you.

My personal tip policy with an energetic and interactive KJ is a dollar per song that I sing. That is still not much when you think of the entertainment value you are getting. It is VERY disappointing when I go up to sing in the last hour of the night and I cannot break a five dollar bill from the tip jar. C’mon people! I look around the room and I know that there are ten or more regulars that have done three songs. There is no reason that my two or three bucks should be half of the KJ’s tips for the night.

Don’t burn your KJ out, or you will lose them and get the plain boring KJ’s, and NOBODY wants that.


Back Alley made the paper

Well, the Back Alley Bar & Grill made the paper, and in a good way.


Clark County karaoke enthusiasts share their favorite locales

At the bottom of the article they have video of our singers and Mohawk Sean is in the video.

He is such a great guy, it isn’t even funny. He is a promoter, musician, singer, guitarist, KJ, and has no problem helping out with the bar.

It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today.

Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap.
We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding.
After the shower we put down the deposit for the Luepke Center for our wedding and all ages reception.
Saturday November 3rd has been made official.
The officiant is working on the ceremony and it will likely be a blend of American Indian and Wiccan.

Now that we have a location, the real work can begin. I am assembling the guest lists.
The bachelor/bachelorette parties will be held on October 20th. They will be merged to a jack and jill party at the Back Alley for the second half of the evening. Who in their right mind wants to hold those the night before the wedding… silly kids just don’t know better.

While I am at the bar tonight for Tyger’s and my birthday party (we will be heading down at about 9) I will lock in the wedding date for the 21 and over reception.
More details as appropriate. . .

Griz’s schedule for next week

Okay, one of my co-worker’s wife is having their first child.

I have volunteered to work his shift for him.

It has been approved for next week at least. Dad’s plans were to  stay home with mother and child for a month to help the family settle in. (Bravo Scott! great way to start your fatherhood on the right.)

I will be working from 1400-0100 (2pm-1am for those that can’t read 24 hour clock (no it is NOT military time)) Mon – Thur and the bar on Friday night.

You will still find me in the chatroom. You may have to wait for a few minutes, for me to notice that you have arrived. unless of course you email me.

The daily posts will stay on their 0700 schedule, and perhaps they will have more substance to them.

White Trash Easter Bash!

It is that time again.
We are celebrating the white trash Easter bash at the Back Alley.

Come to the Back Alley tonight for a great time.
We do have a band (a Def Leppard tribute band) tonight so there is a five dollar cover charge.

We will have games prizes and contests.
I an still trying to figure our my white trash costume for the night.
We have PBR’s on sale, and a whole white trash menu as well.

I need to figure out how to pull off longer hair in the back without being a mullet.
Where is the balance?

So who will join us? (Killingsworth is playing near by also so we will probably sample them before heading to the bar)

Mega-metal show tonight

Tonight at the Back Alley, we are having six majorly heavy metal bands play.

The cover is 5 dollars.

Also appearing (but not on stage) is the best bouncer in Vancouver. We don’t know if I am working  the door or near the stage.

Simon Says Die will be making a video tonight.