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By Eyes_Open

Seems North Korea is at it again.


And I will reiterate the last paragraph;
When an unstable communist dictator openly threatens to nuke you, what is the proper response. I’m especially interested in the opinion of left-wingers who reflexively dismiss any sort of aggressive response as only making the situation worse. Fine. What would you do? Pay them a king’s ransom? Ignore them and pray they’re not serious? Go to the Chinese (you might want to bring some money, since we owe them a little) and ask them to get the kid under control?


Being moderate, I try to steer away from total destruction. And I’d like to see us (the US) get out of other countries’ business, but this time it is a direct threat on us. We invaded the middle east because of an indirect threat, what will we do to counter this direct threat?

Should our military be using service animals?

This comes from an article I found on MSNBC:

Now, I am a fan of both animals and our troops.
I recognize that service animals are a wonderful and useful aid to people (when they are not abusing the system).
I also recognize that our troops develop some really nasty situations serving us from all over the globe.
Here is the rub, should our service members have service animals? I can see it from the VA or other after care organizations, but I do not expect service animals for active duty personnel.
I was infantry, I would not expect that my battle buddy would need a dog to jump on him in case his CPAP (sleep apnea mask) came off in the night.
Can combat troops do their jobs with a service animal?
We know that when in the rear, our troops have more luxuries than in the field. Who will care for the dog during deployment? Will the dogs that are attached to airborne troops have to jump too? Can they do a PLF (parachute landing fall)? If rover makes a mess on the floor, does he do pushups? or does his patient?

When I was in, we would have been bounced out due to the issues that these animals are providing services for.

Happy Armed Forces Day

I am not sure why this page did not post when it was supposed to…

It is a holiday that is being forgotten.
I would have forgotten about it this year except Reality101 was able to remind me before we took off for the weekend.
Until 1949, We had Army Day, Navy Day and Air Force Day. (Since the Air Force was so young it is surprising that they had their own day yet)
The days were combined into one holiday, except that the Marines did not make that adoption, though they do support Armed Forces Day, they still feel the need to have their own day since they are special.
Take some time today to appreciate that we have our men and women putting their lives in harm’s way for our protection.
While it may not be mentioned, keep the Coast Guard in your thoughts as well. They too serve for us and keep us from harms way and often pluck us from the jaws of death.