Celebrity Dead Pool – 2018 results

Okay, the results are in!

Griz took this year with a score of 30

Dandalion came in second with 24

TG placed with 11 points

Thank you all for playing again! I am now working on adding the lists for 2019.

MorticianCelebrityAge at deathScoreBonusSubscoreTotalComment
GrizJohn McCain811919
George H W Bush946511Last cadaver
Jimmy Carter
Dick Van Dyke

Queen Elizabeth II
Dylan Roof
Bill Cosby
Donald Trump
Tommy Chong
Tim Curry
Alt – John Hurt30
TGLiza Minnelli
Bob Barker
Joni Mitchell
Doris Day
Stan Lee9555
George H W Bush946511Last cadaver
Bobby Brown
Henry Kissinger
Dick Van Dyke
Alt – George Soros16
DandalionKirk Douglas
Alan Greenspan
Angela Lansbury
Burt Reynolds821818
Tim Curry
Carol Channing
Prince Charles
Pierre Cardin
Maureen O’Hara
Billy Graham9915624First Cadaver
RogerGeorge Soros
Camilla Bowles
Abbas, head of Fatah
Kim Jung Il
Harvey Weinstein
Any Kardashian (invalid entry)
Madeline Albright
Barbara Streisand
Michael Moore
Ayatollah (invalid entry)

Rest in Peace – Phyllis Diller

Ms Diller, you brought more laughter to me over my life than perhaps I deserved.
Yet, you still delivered it to us all.

She did not start her comedy life until after 40, but in the 55 years, she pioneered the territory for the female greats that followed her footsteps. I don’t know if she could receive enough accolades for her efforts.

She will certainly be missed.

Donna Summer – RIP

Another sadness in the music industry….

Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco has lost the fight with lung cancer.

She may have had her Last Dance, but we will remember her Hot Stuff for a generation or two.

My mother was working for a theater when Thank God It’s Friday was released. I think I saw the file a dozen times or better.

Though there was the backlash against disco, her music stood above much of the field.


Amnesty list

Do you and you significant other have an amnesty list?

That list of people that if each of you were to fall in bed with it would be forgiven?

Often the list is made up of celebrities.

I think that these lists, are there to allow for fantasies and playing the odds.

What are the REAL chances that Starlet X is going to be interested in your hubby?  That kind of situation.

If you do have that kind of list, who is on it?

The movies that you found to be moving or important in some way

After establishing that which actors and actresses we have enjoyed the most, what films are at the top?

You might find that the answer to that depends on the genre. I know that I am that way.

Some movies have social importance, other movies are just extremely fun and serve no real purpose other than to let you any 90-120 minutes.

Best Actress

So yesterday we talked about the best actor.

Today it is tit for tat, who is your favorite actress. Now, we are talking skills, it is not a beauty contest.

At or near the top of my list is Kathy Bates. I think the only role that she could not pull off is the cutesy brainless type character.