Barefoot Bandit Meets Griz (Redeux)

Let it be known that I can aim to please.

This page was inspired by YouWontKnow and her view of myself and Colton Harris-Moore. YouWontKnow has been gracious enough to allow us to add to her work to see where it winds up.

Please be kind in your addition, respectful of what Lips started.

Please, do allow me to take liberties with my assessment of this ”what if” scenario…..

Griz hears an intruder. Comes face to face with Colton. Realizes he is unarmed, knows he’s never actually committed a violent crime. Griz, proceeds to take him down, an easy accomplishment for the burly bear. Griz dutifully calls in the authorities, and remands him to their custody. But, in the interim, Griz being the type of guy he is, somewhat relates to this kid. He agrees to remain in contact with Colton. Providing Colton takes responsibility for his crimes and fulfills his sentencing obligation. Upon his release, Griz becomes the role model and mentor this kid never had. He guides him down the correct path. Fostering the same passion for aviation that he has. Colton responds in kind and becomes a part of the Griz family. Eventually becoming a productive citizen.

On the third day of Colton’s incarceration, Griz is digging in the couch for his lighter. He feels a small note pad tucked between the cushions. He pulls out a dog eared steno, flips it open and begins to read…

”Everyone thinks I’m a thief, but I’m not the only one. Everyone was losing their jobs. They couldn’t pay for their stuff anymore. They paid me to let them blame me. The cops can’t catch me, cause I’m not there. The insurance companies….”

owt_raged –

…are clueless. It’s not like they were there to help these people anyway. Yeah so sometimes I actually did take a few things. I was getting bored. The plane rides were the best.

On the next page Griz found the beginning of a very long list, broken down into 2 categories. He was going to read it, but decided it wouldn’t really matter at this point anyway. He put the note pad away for safe keeping.

youwontknow –

All night Griz tossed and turned, wondering how safe he could really keep this notebook. And how safe was he… Was this a multi-island conspiracy to dupe these crooked insurance companies out of thousands of dollars? Had Colton already told people he had tucked the notebook between Griz’s couch cushions? Was local LE involved? How far would they go to keep a lid on this info? Unable to sleep, Griz left his bed and just as he was….

jimnordblom –

About to head for the bathroom…..he heard the sound of his plane starting up.

youwontknow –

But wait… he remembers he loaned his plane to badcat. Supposedly for a sight-seeing tour over Seaside. Is badcat involved in this conspiracy. And why Seaside? Could it be that someone has been aiding Colton in his wilderness survival skills? Someone like….

jimnordblom –

A Mad Monk in a Blackhawk? OMG….is it possible that the new Blackhawk stealth control has been reversed. Could it have been more visible rather than less?
Nah…..but it could have……heh!

But, just think…..could Colton even at this moment be hiding under a cowl? Another innocent brother in a far away monastery?

youwontknow –

That couldn’t be, monks are forbidden to hide young men beneath their cowls. The Pope said so. Unless, it’s a rogue monk, a rebel monk that hails from…

jimnordblom –

The darkest pits of Calcutta. Such evil brethren are to be destroyed by the new Inquisition of the Greyfriars.

So……if that was a diversion tactic, as it now appears…….who, then, holds the safety of poor Colton? Was this then, perhaps a subterfuge to confound an escape? Or……..could it be………

youwontknow –

This has the Griz thinking…. He checks the jail roster. There is no record of Colton’s arrest. Who intercepted Griz’s call to the authorities? Who did he really remand Colton too. Is that why he gave Griz that forlorn look as he was placed in the back of that black sedan…

owt_raged –

…It’s become quite twisted now. Griz isn’t quite sure if he can trust anyone.
BadCat? What was she really doing with his plane?
He begins to wonder about the new player that just joined his pool league. He seemed to be watching Griz the other night a lot. Of course Griz had chalked it up to being so handsome and assuming the new guy might be bi… Now Griz begins to question other events over the last week.

Who was that person he saw in the…

youwontknow –

… john, tapping his foot in the stall next to his? Was this a code or a come on?

griz – After careful consideration of their discussions, Griz felt reassured that it was in fact morse code, and not something lewd. The tapping started low in volume but built in its intensity as the message became clear. Badcat had taken the plane and was doing low altitude flyovers at the nude beaches without him. Colton was getting agitated at being left out of such an exciting trip. He decided that to make up on the fun deficit he would. . .


….commandeer his own plane from Troutdale Airport and engage badcat in a little game of cat and mouse. Griz, having deciphered the ominous morse code message from the mystery man at the bar, now realized that badcat needed him more than ever. He needed to act now, how would he get from Vancouver to badcat in 20 minutes or less?

badcat –

IntenseDebate NotificationShit — my covert operations have been detected. Damnation. Griz said he’d never tell anyone I borrowed his plane. Better crash-land and wipe it for prints. When he finds out I’m carrying his love-child, he feel horrible for having forced me to do this….

youwontknow –

”Just then badcat realizes she’s caught in a funnel cloud. The plane is spinning out of control, heading right for the beach. Joe happened to be on a walk about and can see badcat in the cock pit, spinning wildly. Using his phone he emails a message to Jim, down south. He instructs Jim to aim his laser beam over Seaside, and proceeds to distract the locals by pointing to the sky and yelling, ”UFO!” Meanwhile, he hops in the hooptie bus and heads down to the shoreline. He pulls several pieces of rope from inside and knots them together. He hooks Griz’s plane to the hooptie and drags it to the cove, covering it with branches. Badcat is out cold, so he carries her from the cock pit to a nearby cave where he has stock piled provisions for years and lays her inside his body bag hammock. As he is running back to the bus he see’s the swirl patterns in the sand, the sun has risen and soon everyone will see. He decides to photograph it, the locals will swallow the UFO story…. but he goes too far, he carelessly sends the pictures to the wrong person, someone who can’t….. ”

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