My Friday Nights

Well in case I have not mentioned it, it is official.

I will be spending my Friday nights at the Back Alley working the door on a regular basis.

Woot!  So if you want to cruise over and say hi, feel free. I will be there from nine until close.

Portland Pirate Festival

Now of course ye knew I ‘d be talking up the cause of the pirates. . .

We have to reclaim the world’s record for the most pirates in one place.

The number due to it being a busy summer has gotten huge. It is triple what we set last year.

The day will be a busy one for us as Gigglez and I will be doing communications again for the Race For the Cure. As soon as we are released (and we are normally at one of the last check points on the route) we will be heading to Pirate Fest. Since I just got a part time job as bouncer on Friday nights, I will be running on three and a half to four hours of sleep.

There will be more to come on the Pirate Festival.

Illegals in the woods


Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation Involving Jackson County Sheriff’s Office – 08/11/10
The Oregon State Police Criminal Investigations Division, with the assistance of the Jackson County Major Crimes Team, is investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred Wednesday morning when Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies shot an armed man while entering an outdoor Mexican cartel marijuana grow site in northern Jackson County.

Preliminary information approved for release indicates on August 11, 2010 at approximately 7:00 a.m. deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office SWAT and Marijuana Eradication teams were searching an outdoor marijuana grow site on BLM property north of Sams Valley. Deputies encountered an unidentified adult Hispanic male armed with a loaded shotgun. Two deputies reportedly shot at the man. A Jackson County SWAT medic rendered emergency medical aid but the man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

After the shooting, deputies saw a second unidentified adult Hispanic male fleeing on foot. He was not located and it is not known if he was armed.

The release of the involved deputies’ names will be coordinated with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The deceased man’s information will be released once he has been positively identified by the medical examiner and attempts to locate next of kin have been done.

The scene was secured as detectives from the OSP Criminal Investigations Division and Jackson County Major Crimes Team were activated to take over the investigation, pursuant to interagency protocols and requirements of Senate Bill 111**. The interagency investigation is continuing and upon completion will be forwarded to the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office for review and future consideration.

**Senate Bill 111 ::

Criminal History

This will be news to those that have not followed me for quite a while, but for those who has been swapping emails with me for longer than a year already know things about me.

Just to bring everyone to the same sheet of music, lets do some history.

When I came out of the Army in 1989, I was one of a multitude of homeless vets with service connected injuries. Some people have support networks in place, others, well others have to do what they can to survive. While I have not always made the BEST choices in life, I have continued to choose to continue my life. (sometimes it was a close call) Where am I going with this? I was living in the woods of a county park with two tents, one was home, the other was a closet.

I broke into a someones home and stole food (some wine as well) and a pistol. I got a job a week or so later, of all places in a mall working security. It was a job that would only last about five months as while I was at work a guy that was staying out in the woods with me for a few days found the pistol (A Ruger .22) and decided that he needed to be a dumbass and fired a few rounds getting the attention of a jogger. The State Police had to bring in three cruisers to haul my little campsite away. Imagine my surprise when I got home in the middle of the night to find the camp gone… I ended up sleeping in one of the empty storage units under the mall, and got caught. The situation was reported to the chief. He referred me to one of the little Honduran gals down in the food court as she had a room for rent.  It wasn’t a full month later of phone tag, that the county sheriff’s department figured out where I was. Funny thing about living in the woods with all of your military records and uniforms (remember I was just trying to live, not sneak) that they are able to figure out your identity in a hurry.  When they dropped by the mall to see me, they really enjoyed the fact that the only difference between my uniform and theirs was the badge, gun, and the stripe on my pants was twice the width of theirs. The humor was not lost on me while I was cuffed in  their office.

So, I sat in the detention center in the same cell that would later house one Michael Tyson, playing cards, watching TV, and eating indescribable hotdogs with kerosene-kraut. They charged me with Burglary with Theft Over. When it came time to go before the judge, the DA made me an offer that I could not refuse (or face up to twenty years as it was a night time burglary). I was given a once in a lifetime deal of Probation Before Judgement (PBJ). With PBJ if you complete the probation, pay the fine (and recently, do a little county lockup time (30 days or so)) then the court will have your records expunged. Legally you never have to admit that the arrest ever happened, let alone the court appearance.  So I had a year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and twelve years later found out about a 110 fine/fee. Had I stayed in Maryland for the duration of the probation, things would have been a bit easier.

I called my mother for Thanksgiving and discovered that she had a heart attack and wanted me back in Vancouver to take care of my sister (11 at the time) in case anything happened to her. So I called my PO and asked what I could do since I was not permitted to leave the state. The State of Washington was kind enough to accept the transfer of my probation. I went to Andrews Air Force base and caught a Lear jet to Colorado Springs and from there a Greyhound to Vancouver. I finished out my probation and put it out of my mind for several years.

I had a problem crossing the border into Canada, seems that the FBI/Interpol records (or where ever they pull your criminal files from) showed my arrest, but nothing for adjudication.  I was able to finesse my way into Canada on a one time pass. However I was aware that there was a problem with my legal situation. When I got home, I called Maryland and found out about a fee/fine that had yet to be paid. Boom, done fixed that with a quick money order. About six months later I received a few letters confirming expungment of the documents and certification of completion of the courts wishes.

A couple of years ago, I went to buy my son his first rifle and was denied at the federal background check. barooo? A couple of days ago, I was reminded of the rifle purchase so I emailed an address I found for the Washington State Patrol dept of records.  Tomorrow I will fax all of the documents I have and see if they will be able to restore the records to their rightful status.

While I was going through the documents, I found a familiar name. They were processed with the County Sheriff being Charles Moose. I had to laugh about that connection. It was however about four months before the DC Sniper opened fire. (perhaps another post about how close the sniper his to my various residences.)

With any luck, I will have another (much shorter) add on to this post soon. Wow 945 words. sorry all, sorta.

Assaulted by a Petition

I had an interesting event occur over the weekend.

We were tending a booth at the Battleground Farmers Market, when a woman and her kids came in to collect signatures to repeal the sales tax on candy and soda.

The manager of the market asked her to step over to her so that they could discuss the situation. The signature gatherer ignored her request and continued on in a more hurried manner. When asked again to step aside to discuss the gathering she started yelling. She was asked to leave the area of the market, where she proclaimed that she could gather signatures there if she wanted as it was her freedom of speech.

Out of concern for the manager’s safety, I started to follow along as the petition gatherer was near my size than the size of the manager. The petition gatherer hereafter referred to as “crazy lady” stopped to accuse one young woman of being a communist, because she did not want to sign the petition.

Crazy lady’s kids scurried to her car with their petitions in hand. Mom noticed that the manager had pen and paper and was going to write down her license plate number. She then sat on the bumper in front of the plate to block the view. She said that we were not allowing her to leave. I stepped well off to the side to make sure that she would have plenty of room to pull out. As long as the market manager was waiting to write down the license plate number, she was not leaving the bumper.

I said “that’s okay, I will get the VIN number.” and walked around them with a very wide berth. I was wearing an unzipped coat, so with respect for another person’s property I held by coat back so that the zipper would not touch the car. As I was looking at the VIN plate the bitch smacked me in the face with the petition clipboard!

Being a big supporter of the people and the petition process, I applaud her for making the effort to DO something. Her ranting and raving led me to ASSume that she was either a raving lunatic, or a Tea Party member.  I would rather think better of the Tea Party, much of their foundation makes a great deal of sense.

The local police seem confused on if petitioners can be asked to leave private property or not. The Washington Attorney General has a website on the subject that while wordy (I know, it is a shock right?) does spell out that a property owner (or agent thereof) can ask that petitions not be circulated on their property.

All Crazy Lady would have had to do, would have been to step outside of the farmer’s market bounds and everyone would have been happy. She could have gotten her signatures, and the Farmer’s Market would not have their non-profit status threatened.

I have a few questions form the event that are as of yet unanswered:

her vehicle had out of state plates – was her vehicle legal? Does one have to be a state resident to collect signatures for a petition?

the last question is, was it legal for her 6-10 year old children legal to gather signatures?

I like that they get to be involved, but question if this was the best situation for them. Had the kids been in their teens, I think I would see it as a lesson in civics and that one must take action for something that they believe in.

Here the kids were probably scared as mom ranted and raved and got run off after she assaulted a man.

Welcome aboard!

If you are easily offended, or cannot handle the truth you may be best to just move along.

This is a place where truths are shared, yours, mine, and others. The views are often blunt and may use coarse language. I will not make any apologies about that fact.  I do kindly remind you that you are a guest aboard the ship as she sails to who knows where.  You are welcome to walk the plank at any time that you feel that you cannot debate the points and want to just be belligerent. I do let opposing beliefs (and even posts that anger me)  remain on the boards, as it is important to the exchange of ideas.