Is there a “War on Christmas”?

Why is there the belief that there is a war on Christmas? Is it because people would rather say “happy holidays” to be inclusive? Remember Christians, you pillaged a tradition from a faith that you subsequently tried to exterminate. When is the last time that you heard a Jew get… Continue reading

After this current political storm calms

Regardless of your feelings on the 2016 elections, I think that we have uncovered a hole that is not covered on a constitutional level. What is the appropriate remedy for a fraudulent election? We need to have this gap filled. For the sake of argument, let’s say that we discover… Continue reading

Now accepting rosters for Dead Pool 2018

This is not for the weak… If you cannot make light of death and mortality, please stop here and head to or someplace else. That said, it is once again time to submit your dead pool rosters. It is still free. Maybe some day we will do a paid… Continue reading

GOP Hypocrisy

Time and time again we hear the GOP preach that they want a smaller government and fiscal responsibility. I would love to see either of those tenets to be true. I just have not seen it yet. Each GOP administration has expanded the government. We are still early in Cheeto… Continue reading

Is Colin Kaepernick Entitled to a Job?

Is anyone else tired of the sad little shit known as Colin Kaepernick? Kaepernick made a decision to stage a protest while on his employer’s time. That decision had a consequence, he ultimately lost his job and no other team has picked him up. Does this need collusion? Not really,… Continue reading

While I was cleaning up a ton of old email

So, I was bothered by how much old email was cluttering up my inbox and folders. As I cleared old emails, I stumbled onto email from a KATU commenter that has since passed away. He is missed… All of those that used to frequent this page commenting the hours away… Continue reading

North Korea begs for decimation

Isn’t it interesting that the North Koreans are trying to claim that T-Rump declared war? I am guessing that the supreme leader does not allow for education, let alone the subject of history. It was after all the North Koreans that declared war by invading South Korea on June 25th,… Continue reading

Barefoot Bandit – once again a topic of discussion

Since yesterday was the anniversary of the Barefoot Bandit’s capture, I felt a followup may be in order. In July of 2016 he was released from prison. He will not be able to crowd fund his flight school until he is done paying restitution to his victims. I suspect that… Continue reading

Church and State – battle on the playground

This morning SCOTUS rules that the Missouri church should not have been denied a grant for recycled rubber playground surface for their playground. The concern it seems was over the old church and state argument. To me, this should not have been a concern as it was not an area… Continue reading

Cyber-security studies continue

As I have pondered it, my studies will continue. I have too much invested to stop my cyber-security career just because my new team does not utilize it much. I am drawn to the field so it is best to follow that attraction to see where it will take me…. Continue reading