Fear The Walking Dead (spoiler alerts for participating in this forum)

Are you watching the new series?


What are your thoughts?

We simply HAD to watch. We catch it on the East Coast feed since we have to go to bed so damn early.

I felt that the character development may have been a little too in depth since we know that most will likely die soon.

Does anyone else look at Chris Manwa (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1319062/?ref_=tt_cl_t7)  looks like Johnny Deep from the 21 Jumpstreet days?


I think the biggest question for me from the episode is about the bite that mom took. Did it break the skin?

5 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead (spoiler alerts for participating in this forum)

  1. This spin off is not nearly as engrossing as the original. The original introduced few characters at first and slowly, very slowly, developed their character. "Fear" comes out with a plethora of characters, none of whom with which I can empathize. They can kill off any or all of them in the next episode and I really wouldn't much care. I guess I'm just too much of a country boy, living in L.A. would be horrifying by itself, no need for the undead.

    1. I am not an L.A. fan either. Vancouver is close enough to a real city for me. If I could earn a comfortable living from the woods by a high mountain lake, it would suit me just fine.Good to see you!

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