Reality101 Cheat Sheet

GLMDWs == Godless Liberal Multiculturalist-Diversity Whores

GLPCWs == Godless Liberal Political-Correctness Whores

JCM == Jew Controlled Media

MCV == Mudd-Cull_vermin

TEOTWAWKI == The End Of The World As We Know It

2 thoughts on “Reality101 Cheat Sheet”

  1. aww .. Come On …….
    Other than the "Godless Liberal" acronyms (which I will take credit for), the other ones are Common/well-known acronyms that have been around for quite a while .. heh!

    … lol .. I just Googled GLMDWs, and the first 6 listings are from SS-USA, Reality101, OscarYeager, CrankyWhiteGuy, DeoAcVeritati, and PeaceOnYou
    (with Coggy coming in as #7 .. hahaha) .. heh!
    Ya just gotta love that 'line-up' 😉

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