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  1. I am going to say something here, that may ruffle a few feathers but I feel it needs to be said:

    If we are friends only because we agree on something, our friendship is false. It is not based on what we see the other person to be as a whole. I have noticed and probably should say it more often, that on a personal level, I don't think any one of us would turn our back on a person in need. Regardless of what we believe the government should or shouldn't be doing, we, as people, are genuinely a caring group.
    If I can't voice an opinion without someone judging my character based on it, we (as people) have already lost the battle.

    Today, I had a life long friend (truly life long, my entire life and hers) walk away from our friendship because I don't think it's right for the President to personally take credit for the actions of others. I didn't like it when Bush did it and I don't like it when our current President does it. I even defended her comment to another one of my friends, because I know this persons heart. She is truly a wonderful person. She has the right to have an opinion different than mine.
    My daughter voiced it well. She said "when I tell my daughter to clean her room, I don't take credit for the clean room, I give her the credit for cleaning it"

    If we differ on our opinions of what we think the government should or shouldn't do, if our opinions of what is or isn't acceptable behavior, based on our own upbringing and life experience isn't the same has no bearing to me, on your worth as a friend. I base all of my relationships and feeling for my friends, on how they treat me and others around them. I do not base my opinion of you on shallow things like political leanings. I value each one of you for who you are.
    We are all shaped by our own life experiences, some of us have some pretty varied life experiences. I honestly believe that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
    If my stance on politics and government of being too entrenched in our daily lives is too much for you, you don't really know the quality of person I am.

    My friends reaction today shows me just how deep the divide is that our government has created. They play games and pit us against each other, all for their own personal power trip. It's wrong and I fear it has already done damage that will never be repaired.

      1. Thanks, I needed to read this again.
        I can not believe how far the government has gone since I posted this….
        I had hoped for better but prepared for the worst.

  2. Yeah this one really hurt. She was the person I went to in my teens when I could not talk to my Mom. She baby sat me when I was little, I babysat her kids. My fondest memory from my first wedding was dancing with her son who was about 8 or 9 at the time. I watched her nod into her food at Thanksgiving because she was addicted to heroin. And I was right there for her when she got clean. I helped her when her first husband walked out, I helped her when her second husband abused her. She was my confidant. I held her when her Mom died and she held me when mine passed.

    I blame our government. Their need for power is so intense, they do not care what their stupid policies do to people. They don't care how many people their rhetoric destroys, as long as they maintain power. They don't care that their dialog and need for control ruins families and friendships, just as long as they hang on to their power, and grab a little more. Right now, I would love to see every elected official removed from office. They ALL SUCK, some just more than others.

    1. I'm sorry, FS. That really stinks. Everyday I get a bit closer to ''keep this shit out of my life''. I want to spend the rest of my life enjoying it. I don't care to battle politically anymore. It's a runaway train, and it's crashing. I got off several stations back. That doesn't mean I won't vote, or seek knowledge, nor does it mean I don't care. I just won't bang my head against the head of others, any longer.

      1. Thanks Lips. A part of me agrees with you and the other part thinks, if I back away and you back away and we all keep our mouths shut, they have won. They have effectively bullied us into silence.

        If you do something great, others will hail you for it. If it wasn't yours to claim, don't get pissed off if I point it out.
        I try very hard to be an informed citizen. Informed with facts, not parroting lies and spin.

        If I don't think the government has the right to tell a private company what they should or shouldn't offer as services, I'm not at war with women. If I don't want my hard earned money to support something I don't agree with, I am not at war with women. If something is truly needed in our society, some private citizen or company will offer it because they can make a living doing so, as long as the government gets out of the way.
        I had a friend post some info about a prep school in IL. They have a 100% graduation rate and a 100% attendance to college for every senior the last three years. It's because, they pushed government out of the way. I was impressed with the goals they set for their students and the achievements the students made. We will never see figures like that from a public school.
        Anyway, sorry for venting here. I am just so frustrated with the direction our country has been going the last few decades. It's like a train wreck in slow motion.

        1. //They have effectively bullied us into silence.//

          No, in many instances they have effectively bullied us into being bullies. Kind of a monkey see monkey do. There's silence, and then there's silence.

          //I blame our government. Their need for power is so intense, they do not care what their stupid policies do to people. They don't care how many people their rhetoric destroys, as long as they maintain power. They don't care that their dialog and need for control ruins families and friendships, just as long as they hang on to their power, and grab a little more. Right now, I would love to see every elected official removed from office. They ALL SUCK, some just more than others.//

          That's how they win. We, become them.

          1. I get it, kinda like when my former brother started spreading shit, thinking I would say something about what he did to family and family friends. It didn't take the intelligent ones long to figure out that I hadn't said a word about him to any of them. Soon some quit listening, although it was a very small percentage. I guess the old saying of "if you repeat something long enough, it becomes fact" took over in some instances. But again, even though I was silent, it didn't keep me from being bullied or blamed and it did nothing to help or change the situation. Perhaps there is a "happy medium" in there somewhere…

            1. There is. It sits directly in the middle. I don't feel like you can identify as a patriot, then turn around and disrespect your elected president. It's a disrespect to over half of the voting population. Our fellow citizens. At least not on a daily bases that you live and breath. An occasional ding or joke is one thing. But to identify as a true American in a united nation and engage in partisan wars with each other? We are our government. To hate them, is to hate ourselves. The sooner we reunite, the sooner this country will get back on track. That process will only happen with mutual respect. Meeting in the middle, and phasing out the extremists.

              1. Yes, I must remember to address the actions alone. And make sure I offer praise when it is earned.

                However, right now, the people who were elected to "represent" me, do not share my values, goals or ideas, so it does make it difficult…

                1. I understand. And correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm just trying to piece this together. But was your parting of ways with your friend, over Obama taking credit for Bin Ladens assassination? If so, I agree the real heroes were team six. But as far as the kill order, I'll give credit to Obama for that. They couldn't have acted without his directive. Bush deserves credit too. It was his intel missions that led to it. But, I have it direct from the horses mouth… it could have happened under his presidency, but never did. Why? I was told each time our military had him in the cross hairs, they couldn't obtain the kill order. Too much red tape? Don't know.

                  1. Yes, other Presidents (note plural) have had the opportunity to take OBL out and did not. Why? I have no idea. Clinton could have PREVENTED 9/11, but did not see OBL as a threat to US security, why? Bush? He needed his head examined over not giving the okay!! Also, other Presidents have tried covert operations that have failed and we either never found out about them, or we found out years later. It's how our government works, hide the failures, claim the victories.
                    It was actually a post that my DH had made. He's pretty quiet about this stuff, but when he heard Clinton say how "tough" it would have been on Obama, if the operation had failed, my hubby kinda lost it. No mention on how dangerous it was for our military. It was very self centered and I guess it was the straw that broke the camel's back for him. So he posted a rebuttal ad that someone else made.
                    And he had another friend post, who also gave Obama credit for saying yes, we all have. But that's the credit he's due.
                    And yes, seal team six were the real heroes. Unfortunately Obama used it as a "Look at me" moment. In all the years that we have had military operations, had anyone (especially news not to mention the public) been allowed in the situation room? Nope.

                    But I had no love loss for Bush either. His policies were on a large part failures. The Patriot Act, Part D Medicare and the TSA. More spending we can't afford, and less freedom.

                    What bothered me the most was that my friend and I have an agreement to not comment on each other's political postings. She is almost communist left and I have been biting my tongue for a long time. And I would have never called her an asshole.
                    I don't know, is it true that those who follow blindly have no argument and can only resort to name calling?

        2. Could it be that the prep school had a stronger financial and familial base to work from? Is there a higher graduation rate in better neighborhoods than poor ones?And for those more affluent families, the mindset (and wallet) for college was set during the formative years?

          1. It was all young black males, all inner city kids, funded by a 501c. There could have been a few kids from upper middle class families, but that wasn't the norm. I was so impressed by their motivation.

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