Ingress Kill List

Greetings agent,

Welcome to the Ingress Kill List, a public repository of agents whose portals need to be captured. Turn their portals green, bo not let them stand.


Agent’s portals to Kill On Sight:

     HotVWBug – participating in the scraper network

     MeZuE – participating in the scraper network

     D0cH0liday – participating in (and possibly a leader) in the scraper network BTW D0c; since you are apparently ignorant in the gamer parlance, KOS refers to taking down your portals. I do not actualy intend you any physical harm. I play a game, a game that is not worth killing over. Nor is it warth drawing arms against a player. Heck even pepper spraying another player would imply a certain psychotic nature, wouldn’t you think?

     Lagertha – participating in the scraper network. Once thought to be just along for the ride as a suportive spouse, this turns out to not be the case.

     Om3gaminus for chronic asshattery

     HumanPowered – A scraping asshat

    Crowbarscout – A Eastern Washington participant in the scraper network.

    Shr00mygirl13- Possibly just a taglaong for a scaper

    ToadMallet – Scraping or a scraper lackey


There is a nomination for Shocklance for the “Whiniest Bitch” Award.

Should geo-location spoofers also be listed here?





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