Hot Tubs

Clothing is quite optional.

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  1. Hello folks, I just stopped by to have a soak in the hot tub, I kinda need it.
    I had one of my stress induced moments this weekend so Arcanix is gone for good, and will be replaced by KarmaPuppy.

        1. Changing names is hard, for years I went by primrose on everything then I took a break from the net and someone else came along and took it and I wasn't able to register it in a lot of forums and such so thats when I switched to dandalion. Sometimes I still type in primrose when logging in and its been years since I used it. Its kind of when you get married and 15 years later you find yourself signing your name with your maiden name all of a sudden.

          I just visited the local farmer here and bought my first sugar pumpkin for the season…. likes me some pumpkin pie!

          1. I might try the pumpkin pie thing this year, I have never done it. I wonder if I could substitute acorn squash.
            Well I will have to try the pumpkin first…. I wonder why I always try to change the recipe, I often add banana to zucchini bread. I even tried Lemon juice in my spaghetti sauce, it didn’t work out to good, neither does chocolate in angel food cake.

            As for the name, I am just going to have to deal with it, unless someone at IntenseDebate feels sorry for me and lets me have the name back. I am not going to hold my breath, I did willfully and intentional delete the account.

              1. I like the sound of K-Pup, and the picture is of Karma my youngest.

                I did notice the change and should have said somthing, I like the new avatar, its a darker, more sinister side.

            1. I make fresh pumpkin pies every year… I even make my own pie crust… its actually pretty easy, the recipe that I use I got out of a cook book many years ago. I even used the recipe on one of those canned pumpkin and substituted the fresh and it came out good. I always look for ways to 'make it my own' when I cook and add or change things. I did with the cheese soup recipe that I have and I think its better. I know the kids eat it up and the girls at work fight over it. ๐Ÿ˜€ When I made rum balls I substituted the walnuts for almonds and it worked out real good and no one really noticed the difference.. they didn't 'cut' your mouth like the ones with walnuts.

  2. it involved too much to drink, and the county leaving their huge steam roller unsecured.
    it did not even require keys… that implies permission right? remind me some time for the details.

  3. Hey Griz, Kevin is trying to hook back up on that online game we where playing… What was it called drugwars? do you have a link, He can't seem to find it, is it even still online?

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