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  1. Hey Griz maybe you can answer a question for me…

    Today my rep points dropped from 101 to 99 and I do not see why… I dont have any posts that are getting TD'ed a ton… I thought you might know why it changes…

      1. I dont know… it happened today. The only thing that I could think of is that one of the blogs that I usually haunt dropped ID and use a different commenting system. Do you think that would make a difference?

    1. I dont know… I tried looking for a 'contact' and went through ID's FAQs but found nothing. Wow, you lost 10 points! and I was getting all bent out of shape over three points. 😀 Did yours happen yesterday? that is when it happened for me.

    2. I have never had a decrease in my rep score since I opened this account. I was the second person to roll to 100, it took a lot of reconfiguring on ID's part, during the process it would go from 99 to 0. They fixed that issue. Once you reach 100, it's no longer about thumbs up or down. I could get 100 down thumbs and not lose a point. I could get 100 up and not gain. It's about quantity. It takes around 3000 comments for me to move up now. And that needs to happen within a relatively short period of time. You can lose points, if you delete comments from your history. Not sure if you guys have done that or not.

      1. Well, I have never deleted any of my comments… edited but never deleted them. I have slowed down somewhat in the amount of comments I make a week, being busy and all during school and sometimes I just don't have anything to say or add to a conversation.

        Do you know who to contact or ask about it? Like I said, I looked on their site and FAQs but didn't find anything useful.

        1. There's a spot to contact them, but it takes weeks to get a response. They have outgrown themselves. You'll get back a canned comment that says all is in order, keep posting and enjoy.

      2. THAT explains how my personal fav, the Chiefster in Chief, retains his 104 score while blathering his idiocy. It's definitely an eye-opening day for me!!

  2. Mine happened yesterday. Lost 10 points in one day. But what Lips said about reaching 100 makes a lot of sense. I see people with 105 points but they've posted about 3 or 4 THOUSAND posts. Maybe that's where we are headed now. Once you go over 100, it just about quantity. Sad, really. Thought it was about what you said, not how much you say.

    1. I agree. Additionally, they recently changed the system to where new users that receive high thumbs up on beginning posts, can shoot to over 100 in ten posts or less. That is not how it used to be. Personally, I don't pay much notice to the rep scores. If I like a persons commenting style, if I enjoy engaging with them, and especially if I like debating with them, that holds a much higher interest for me. But, the scoring, the rep score, and the ability to receive response notifications is what hooks people to ID.

      1. "can shoot to over 100 in ten posts or less." ~ I wondered about that, it took me a year to get to 100 and 2000 comments. I do find myself looking for TU/TDs on other boards that I go to that do not have ID.

  3. Today I had a customer tell me that he saw me on the news last night! Last spring channel 12 came to my work and did some shooting for a story they were going to do on the distribution issues we were having. They called up and asked if they could come in and film and they said yes. When they showed up everyone else conveniently had some other task to do in the stock room or office so the guy filmed me stocking the shelves and opening boxes. I guess they used it for the story they have been talking about how they are still trying to privatize.

    I looked on kptv's web site and they don't have it on there 🙁 but if any of you saw it, that was me!

  4. Hello, anyone home? Its been real quiet in here lately…

    Well I just started a new quarter at school

    We got our tree and I let the little ones decorate it so you know all the ornaments are in one spot… but it still looks great

    soooo… how is everyone else doing so far in the holiday bussle and hub bub?

    1. You're a good mom, Dandy. I have seen plenty of moms that would never let their kids do the tree. It just wouldn't be perfect enough. Bah! It's nice to see one that understands it's a celebration, not a decorating contest.

      I have not bought a single gift, yet. My grandiose plan is to do it all this weekend. Wish me luck.

      1. We plan on doing our shopping this weekend too! We just might bump into each other. It was perfect… Child Support must have shook down my ex because I got a big chunk of what he owed for back support.. so after paying up the bills and getting necessities I will have enough left over for the kids… yay!!

      1. We do salt dough ornaments (got them made) but we put the glitter, glue and chaos off til tonight… My husband and the five year old got sick and I did not want to be in close proximity to either one for an extended time.

        We too have been trying to wrap up the shopping for the boys… my oldest wants an xbox of course and I am having a real hard time with the prices… I just do not want to spend 300 dollars on one item….

      1. I couldn't sleep because I have been sick (bronchitis again) and when I went out side to look it was all cloudy and rainy… I could barely see the moon through the clouds.. but didn't stay out to see if it would clear up because of me being sick.

    1. I decided that sleep was more important. I have seen total lunar and solar eclipses.
      If you EVER have the opportunity, watch a solar eclipse from the air.
      I got to do that in 79. We were over Goldendale and watched the shadow sweep over the land, then a few minutes later the light recaptured what was lost. it was a fantastic experience.

      1. I think this banning thing is a waste of time. I was banned by a long time ago but quickly found that the ban was on one site only. To prevent this from happening again I set up several accounts that are used on other sites infrequently but enough to keep them active, but if I get banned on one I have others. Remember how many of us got banned by the unsucessful council candidates actions!!!!

  5. Has everyone died, on a long sleep or lost interest here. With all of the things going on in the media recently I would have thought that all would be banging away on the keyboard….

    KNOCK KNOCK anyone home!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, what did you have in mind?
      I have added some pages to the legislation topic. I do need to add my own text to it, not just what I stole from NumbersUSA.

      I know that a few of us are still active. We chat on weekdays on pissedoffpirate.com/chat and I see posts from most of us as well.

      I am always watching for items of interest to set my mind to spinning and fingers flying.

      1. There is a seat open on the Gresham City Council and they are asking for people to apply.

        I noticed a shabby person hitchhiking along I-5 near Salem holding a sign saying he was headed to Gresham.

        Could it be??????

      2. Hey Grizzy …. I'm trying to catch up when I can!! My work computers have been plagued by some nefarious virus that I'm quite convinced wasn't from anything I did, but I'm nervous about being "watched" …. last month my home computer suddenly found itself in a smoke-free zone, and well, it's just not as much fun when I can't chain-smoke and sip wine and post. Plus Lips has vanished for no particular reason. Really, she has no excuse. Or perhaps a lame one, like the one she used when she told me that she couldn't hang out tonight. =P

        1. Hahahaha! Don't be mean, badkitty. I'm currently under house arrest. And my jailer has equipped me with gps tracking technology. =( I'm watching re-runs of Prison Break, and developing a plan, though. Oh, I just finished watching the Burning Bed, too, so I may have to consider that.

            1. I was just being a bitch. Didn't mean it towards you, old friend. There is something up with ID, on all the sites. Some of my posts take a day to post, some post instantly.

  6. I want to announce that tomorrow is possibly the most unusual anniversary I've ever had — I will have been in a committed relationship with my lover for exactly half my life. We pledged our undying love on Valentine's Day 1993, and tomorrow that will have been half my life ago. I think that's pretty fuckin cool, and I still love my man with all my heart!! Cheers!!

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