What is a Pissed Off Pirate

It is really more a state of mind than anything else. When you look around and see stupid crap everywhere, you are entering the land of the pissed off pirate. We see anything from individual acts of stupidity all the way to majorly coordinated organizations herding the sheep through sheer lunacy. This is a place where I vent and bring things to light. If you are offended, umm, well, sorry, leave and don’t let the mouse hit you on the ass on the way out. OR if you have a pair, you can let me know about it. I am open to sharing dissenting views. I may even post your view as I have time. There will be a “Shitlist” and an equivalent for the people or businesses that have great practices or products. This site is not being run for profit; however I will not prevent you from checking out the bookstore… But that is not my main focus. Fact is thus far I have not made a penny.

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          1. Good news. I am not getting far pushing MC. The ugly Washington Gov asked citizens to suggest ways to balance the budget via a comment site. I proposed licensing bicycles just like MC since they both use and should pay for the road. 15 agreed with me but over 400 did not. The budget remains an open wound.

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