GOP Voters

So, if you are a Republican, we have differences of opinion. Okay, that is fine, it is the variety that we work with on a daily basis. We each have things that we believe in that we probably will not see eye to eye on.

If you voted for Trump, I view it as you may not have liked the choices before you. You chose poorly, without thinking of what is best for the country.

If after the first year and beyond, you still support Trump, the chances are good that I have lost all political respect for you and possibly much more than that as I can no longer trust your judgement in many areas.

If you would vote for him again… well, the chances are also quite good that I will see you as being just like him. Birds of a feather and all.

One thought on “GOP Voters”

  1. I am with you in your feeling and wonder myself why these people cannot see the damage cheeto is doing. I found out real quick at my new job that I am a minority in my political leaning so it has been an interesting thing to watch. Some are die hards and no matter what will not lose their 'faith' and it seems this runs true in the most religious. Other I notice really do not know what is going on or have taken the time to read up and learn, they just follow the crowd.

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