A note from a guest author (anonymous for the moment)

so… explain to me…

we all KNOW.. that trump was negotiating to build a tower in Moscow… while running for president…

all the while he said to you and me that he had nothing to do with Russia… Over and over and over… he LIED… He lied about his personal sex affairs with the Playboy model and the porn star. We know he paid them off to keep them quiet… because he would have lost if everyone KNEW… he was fucking porn stars and sucking russian dick…


5 thoughts on “A note from a guest author (anonymous for the moment)”

  1. There are years of posts to check out. Feel free to roam them all.
    Perhaps it can spur some life to the comment threads.

    The big rule here is that we can disagree all we want as long as we are respectful. Direct and personal attacks will not go well.

    1. nothing because whatever comes out of his mouth he feels is true. It's why he flip flops… it's whatever he is in the mood for or trying to keep putin off his back.

  2. Welcome!

    I am afraid that even after all this came out, even during the campaign his devote followers did not care and even the evangelicals gave him a 'mulligan' for the Stormy Daniels affair.

    If you ask me, his followers are like cult members. They follow him blindly and do not believe any other source all while calling the truths 'fake news'. Take it from me, I know all about cults and how to spot them with the B.I.T.E. profile and all of this is scary close.

    Without getting too much into it, you can google B.I.T.E. and read up on it…

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