The Illegal Immigrant Children page has been updated

I have done a complete re-write of one of my pages. I no longer stand as I did on the subject. There is some residual sentiment, but I must default to the kids as well as their health and welfare.

To clear up any confusion, I will be removing the old comments so that we have a clean slate to work with.

Illegal immigant children

3 thoughts on “The Illegal Immigrant Children page has been updated”

  1. Dirty Pirate and I have been talking about this for days, and the thing is we all know is our immigration process and department is broken, has been for YEARS and we just need ot vote in the people that are willing to work together to make it work for the benefit of the immigrants as well as America.

    1. Yes, it is as broken as our current government.I wish that I had a good fix. I do still believe that we need to secure the border, and deport… If we were to grant green cards more easily, but with stiff deportation rules along with modifying citizenship to require one birth parent to be a citizen to be born a citizen…So many different directions to take.

      1. Yeah, it is not a simple fix as there as many layers. The biggest is that it bottlenecks for the ones that try to come legally and they do not have 2 to 3 years to wait and wade through the red tape. When we went through immigration with my second husband, who was from India, it took 18 months from the time we filed for him to have permanent residency till we had our first interview. We were fortunate in that we had an immigration lawyer, which 'fast tracked' us. This was almost 20 years ago, and it has just gotten worse, for a modern country we are not even close to being efficient in processing immigrants.

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