A collection of Fool’s Errands

You know, over the years I have heard some great fool’s errands. You know the fun (hopefully harmless) pranks to send new folks after this or that…

For the life of me, I can only remember some. I would like to start collecting them on this page.

As you drop them in comments, I will get them added to the page.


Air Force:

Sending an airman to get a gallon of prop wash



Sending a seaman for 50 feet of shore line

Sending a seaman for a can of remover

Thanks to a co-worker… a naval enlisted man was sent for fallopian tubing, I am betting that he didn’t find any.


For the service industry:

‘Tile Check’ – give them a plunger and told them to check for loose tiles

2 thoughts on “A collection of Fool’s Errands”

  1. Not military but as you know I worked in hospitality for 20+ years. Some of the 'tasks' given to noobs would be,

    'Tile Check' – gave them a plugger and told them to check for loose tiles

    Mop the freezer – fun to watch them get stuck to the floor

    At one of the restaurants I worked in we had nightly 'hot counts' of high ticket items so we would tell the noobs to count the lemon wedges and when they would come back with a number we would be 'sounds off, can you count them again?'

    1. Fool’s errands are found in all walks of life.  I will get yours added to the post a little later, I am just waking up with things that I have to take care of. 😊 So glad you stopped by to visit!

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