Can we play a game called reality check?

By a guest writer (not sure how he would prefer the by line)


Can we play a game called Reality Check for a moment? Everyone’s flipping a bitch about modern gun laws and how what the forefathers used were muskets so the rules need to change, blah blah blah… same discussion we have every time there is a shooting…

You know how the Americans started with muskets? So did the military. Every bit of weapon tech their military had, so did the citizens. Hell, sometimes even children were used to operate cannons. Gun laws are stricter now than ever, so don’t try to blame them all of a sudden because we have more psychos than ever. (Not that I want to see the average yankee-doodle dickhead with a F-16)

Over 1,500 people are killed every year by stabbing but you don’t see anyone screaming and crying about it.

Thousands freeze to death because they are homeless and you couldn’t share that 3rd or 4th spare room or people with multiple homes couldn’t open some space for them.

The whole world is effected by you and your wastefulness, but you think that buying little eco-bags or only using certain products will help the environment; never thinking that your biggest problem is that you never say no to yourself. This will kill a LOT of people from the cumulative effects from the environmental damage: lack of pollinators, soil erosion, soil and water toxification, these leading to areas that are already in poverty and rely on their agriculture for survival losing their one source of food and income.

You are only raising a fit about this is because you are scared, you don’t give a fuck about anything else but yourself and those directly in your bubble… don’t try to pull one over because it is in your “compassion”. If you want shit to change, change what YOU are doing.

Plant a tree, hug a stranger, be happy, and don’t fucking worry about what everyone else is doing. Just make the world a happier place to exist in and this shit will happen less.

Laws do not change the hearts of men, but the hearts of men change the world.

2 thoughts on “Can we play a game called reality check?”

  1. Here's a "reality check":
    The liberal-machine (the media, the Dem Party and Hollywood, etc) having been led by that nothing-burger Debbra Wazzo-Schultz are shamefully exploiting the pain the victims' families and friends are going through. And, once again, the "machine" has reopened their tried-and-true bag of tricks by bussing everyone they could that has exoerienced a tragedy – including those at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando – neve ermind the FACT that that particular massacre was an act of Islamic terrorism.

    The families are very much in pain and understandably so. But the animal that is the radical left are dutifully applying their Alinsky strategy of not letting a crisis go to waste. This tragey coldn't have come at a BETTER time for the left. It has the potential to tilt the FL midterms coming this November.

    Question: WHO paid for the buses that went to Tallahasee? And WHERE is the $2m that was recetly n given by Hollywood heavies like Clooney, Oprah and Spielberg going towards? And WHY Floridians get up in arms over the murder of four grade school students in Seminole Heights last year?

    Did Prohibition in any way even slow down consuumption of alcoholic beverages? No! It gave rise to the new American gangsters like Al Capone and Joe Kennedy. Killing the 2nd Amendment would be the next Prohibition Era. And the consequencs would be even more disastrous because it would cause lifelong law abiding citizens to become "criminals" just by keeping and hiding guns – to PROTECT and DEFEND themselves, their families and their property, against REAL criminals.


  2. ♪ Don't know why
    There's no sun up in the sky
    Stormy Daniels ♫

    If DT does the "wild Bill" (lies under oath), and it's discovered that campaign funds were used, he's screwed.

    But, if not, whatever he did, it's not like he did it as potus; nor did he commit a "Ted Kennedy" by having killed a woman because of drunk driving.

    Just sayin'.

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