Now accepting rosters for Dead Pool 2018

This is not for the weak… If you cannot make light of death and mortality, please stop here and head to or someplace else.

That said, it is once again time to submit your dead pool rosters. It is still free. Maybe some day we will do a paid option for all of the marbles, but not yet.

Here is the way it works. I respect your privacy, so I you have two ways to submit your roster; you can post it in a comment on this post if you don’t care if anyone sees it, or you can email it to me. The email address to send to is

Your roster should look like this:

Dead Pool 2018 Roster

[What name do you want to be displayed as on the standings.]



[Snip – for brevity]



The rosters will be gathered up and published on a post to keep us all honest.

Why the alternate? well, it is possible that someone that you have on your roster may pass away between the time that you submit it and the first of the year. This happened to me for the first time last year.

I will be using the same rule set as last year.

If a person on your roster passes during the year 2018, you will get a score of 100 minus the person’s age at the time of their passing. There are bonus points that may apply and I will award them as they occur.


Mortician Celebrity Age at Death Score Bonus Sub Score Total Comment
Griz John McCain 81 19 19
George H. W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Dick Van Dyke
Queen Elizabeth II
Dylan Roof
Bill Cosby
Donald Trump
Tommy Chong
Tim Curry
ALT- John Hurt 19
TG Liza Minnelli
Bob Barker
Joni Mitchell
Doris Day
Stan Lee
George H. W. Bush
Boby Brown
Henry Kissinger
Dick Van Dyke
ALT – George Soros 0
Dandalion Kirk Douglas
Alan Greenspan
Angela Lansbury
Burt Reynolds 82 18 18
Tim Curry
Carol Channing
Prince Charles
Pierre Cardin
Maureen O’Hara
Billy Graham 99 1 5 6 24 First cadaver
Roger George Soros
Camilla Bowles
Abbas, head of Fatah
Kim Jung Il
Harvey Weinstein
Invalid Kardashian
Madeline Albright
Barbara Streisand
Michael Moore
Invalid Ayatollah 0


23 thoughts on “Now accepting rosters for Dead Pool 2018

        1. I realized that. But I expected her hubby to pass first, so I also expect our personal thinking might influence our lists. Most of mine? I think they're high risk due to personal issues, like morbid obesity on Micheal Moore's part.

  1. 1 Kirk Douglas
    2 Alan Greenspan
    3 Angela Lansbury
    4 Burt Reynolds
    5 Tim Curry
    6 Carol Channing
    7 Prince Charles
    8 Pierre Cardin
    9 Maureen O'Hara
    10 Billy Graham

    1. If you would like to, you can post a list for the remainder of the year. since it is after the start of the year, there would be no need for an alternate.
      Obviously those that you pick, must be alive at the time that you submit the list.

  2. 1) George Soros
    2)Camilla, Prince Charle's wife.
    3)Abbas, head of Fatah (Palestinean territories)
    4)Kim Jung IL, of North Korea
    5)Harvey Weinstein
    6)Any Kardashian (do I have to narrow it down more than that?)
    7)Madeline Albright
    8)Barbara Streisand
    9)Micheal Moore
    10) The current Ayatollah in Iran

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