Is Colin Kaepernick Entitled to a Job?

Is anyone else tired of the sad little shit known as Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick made a decision to stage a protest while on his employer’s time. That decision had a consequence, he ultimately lost his job and no other team has picked him up.

Does this need collusion? Not really, why would a team owner want the added drama? He is a mediocre player so there is little reason for  team to wish to include him in a team sport.

Don’t get me wrong, he can certainly protest any issue that he wants provided that it is during HIS time. I do not support the method of his protest. I do however support that he has the right to do so.

If an actor chose to take a knee at the start of each day filming, how long would directors put up with it? Would they be forced to cast them for films?

If an ER doc chose to take a knee at any time a patient came to see them, would the hospitals appreciate the quality of care? Should they be saddled with the disruption?

If I were to participate in a protest on the clock, I would expect negative consequences. I would also expect hem to follow me for a while. We know that prospective employers can call previous employers and ask what our rehire status is… it is a fact of work life. If the prospective employer does not feel comfortable with the candidate, they will be apprehensive to hire. why is Kaepernick any different?

Perhaps if Colin were to include a clause in his contract to be a PROFESSIONAL player on game days and any other time that he is representing his team or the league including a significant financial penalty for breech he might find a team will to take him on.

He shit in his bed, now he has another decision, clean it up, or get comfortable in it.

5 thoughts on “Is Colin Kaepernick Entitled to a Job?”

  1. While i totally understand the consequences of his protest to take a knee during 'work' caused him to lose his job, it should not blackball him from ever gaining employment in his field again. It's not like he illegally ran dog fighting rings or beat the shit out of his wife/girlfriend.

    I personally was never a fan of his but I do respect his stand and actions. Not enough is highlighted in the actions he has taken to help others and if this is what it takes for the country to really look at the systematic racism in all aspects, not just cops, then he has willfully became that martyr.

    1. When you shit on your boss, the other bosses will notice. If they do not want the drama, why would they want to hire him?Think about basic employment law… don’t you expect prospective employers to do a background check and ask “Would you hire him back”?You do realize that your statement was hilarious? I don’t know if you intended it to be.“. . . but I do respect his stand and actions.” If he had stood, there would never have been an issue.He had PLENTY of opportunity to protest on his own time. There are 16 game days a year. That leaves almost 350 days a year that he can protest and organize. His days of being a good quarterback appeared to be over. He descended to mediocrity.  His volunteering to become a free agent was his own undoing. He is a dumbass, perhaps a well-intended dumbass, but a dumbass none the less.

      1. But he did not shit on his boss, he did not break any rules and did his job. First, he just sat and not many noticed, a fan asked and he told him why. This fan was in the military and he suggested taking a knee as that is a sign of respect for someone you care about is hurt or in this case broken. Our system is broken towards blacks, this is his message. Cheeto Von Tweeto and his ilk have made it about disrespecting the troops and veterans, which it does not.

        What type of protest do you want? in the streets? nope, can't do that, that interrupts everyone and causes riots. Kneel respectfully? on nooo.. you stand and be quiet!

        Like I said, I was never a big fan of his but I am rooting for him and his message to be heard enough that people will make the changes needed to not give people an excuse to not kneel because they feel the country is broken.

        1. The NFL is full of expectations, rules, and regulations. See also his getting fined for wearing the wrong set of headphones pissing off an official sponsor of the NFL.
          He has plenty of time for his protest now. He can protest as long as he can afford to as far as I am concerned.
          If he ever chooses to play ball again, a nice peace offering would be a clause for his contract (for him to voluntarily provide) would be that he will not protest on game days or when he is representing his team or the NFL. Why do you think that those of us that served cannot protest in uniform? it gives the appearance that the branch of service or the US government are supporting the protest. The same thing goes for any other business. Do you think that you employer would like to see you marching in their gear in a protest against telecoms? Look at Pepsi and how they have fired drivers for being seen in public with a Coke in their hands.

          I don’t care if he wants to march up and down main street naked carrying a banner and has sparks shooting out of his ass, provided it is not on game day or any other time that his boss is paying him to appear for.

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