Major changes at work

For those that have been watching over the years, you know that I no longer discuss who my daytime employer is.

Our company was acquired but another company that had a different business focus. Since our business has elements that are very different, it is causing great challenges in integrating the two.

My team was thought to be safe, and would remain in tact. We ended up getting blindsided and my team was picked apart. My role specifically was divided by two sides of the new company. The big dollar customers went to one, and the rest were going to a portion that they recently bought. Well that second group did not want my role, they were getting rid of my counterpart from their network.

In the end, the team that I was on years ago scooped my role back up and interestingly enough, my wife is taking it over. It was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that. I met her when she was hired by our previous employer. I trained her there and fell in love with her. We were laid off and she was hired here, and helped get me onto the team. It was her turn, she helped train me. Here we are almost ten years later and the cycle continues, my turn to train.

In some ways, this shift is a major setback in my career. On the positive, it is far better than being laid off. They gave me a 90 day project letter. The intent is to keep me if they can find a home for me. The team that was to absorb my role, hem hawed around their desire for my talents, so I started networking. I was in communication with a man that help train me at my previous employer. I had recently congratulated him on his work anniversary and expressed optimism to work in the same company with him again. He asked that I call him and ended up taking me in. I will be working the front lines again as the oldest member of the team. I lose two cool titles, but retain a paycheck. The new team has been very welcoming. From what I have heard, they are young enough to be my kids. Out of all of the jobs that my career has covered, the technical sector has brought me the best friends.

I do need to reflect on if I will continue my cybersecurity studies, but I suspect that I will. I enjoyed the field while I was in it. It falls in well with my history and desires. It helps feed my blackhat side while keeping me busy in the white (and near white) hat. This new team has quite the set of products that it supports, one of which I have a certification in, but am still early in my education on how to manage. There are a couple of products that I am aware of, but do not know and many that I know nothing about. I will miss the SOC and her staff. Being surrounded by vets was very comforting in a way. Our minds blend better, even with the branch rivalries.

Hang on, as this will be a ride.

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