How is Griz?

Griz is tired of being sick…

We spent last weekend in Seattle playing Ingress for a world class event.

It was a great time, but I have had a problem with my right arch so with all of the walking we do I ended up basically crippling myself. My step counter showed that I walked three miles more than Gigglez. The only thing that I can think is that I was starting to shuffle/waddle it was still thinking I was taking full strides. We did about thirty miles of walking. It would have been more had I not broken myself.

It was still a great weekend and we saw many different parts of Seattle that we had not explored before.

We still have several missions that we want to complete in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

When I got home, a very nasty cold grabbed ahold of me and I would really like it to leave.

Professionally, I am still growing and enjoying this new team. I have to struggle to catch up in some ways, but my primary role is a demanding bitch that I cannot loosen the reins on or she will break away from me. There are a fistful of certs that I need to chase to improve my marketability but my leadership is VERY supportive in our entire team seeing great professional growth. Being in Cyber Security, there is always change. New attack vectors come to surface, security holes open up.  It is a constant struggle to to keep up with the flow of deep geek articles detailing it all.

6 thoughts on “How is Griz?”

  1. I hear ya about the walking! I walked a good 10-15 miles on Saturday alone. I ended up leaving Sunday after I got up as I partied too late with all the new friends I made! I had a blast!

    Sorry about getting sick asbit sucks. We have a crud going around our house too. Good thing I am not on the phones as I sound like I had a two pack a day for 30 years habit. 😀

            1. So maybe it is time to walk the walk to match the talk?We stumbled onto a great little pizza shop somewhere near pioneer square. They had a deal on a pint and slice. Now, I have to find the place again. It was a really good slice.Oh I had a work lunch in Camas yesterday… deep fried cactus, calamari, an interesting take on a philly. I did have some cider. Portland Cider company has some really good ciders. I tried and very much enjoyed the passion cider and the pineapple. I am thinking that I am done with the overly processed beer.

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