1%, 99%, whatever the percentage, we are all humans, citizens, consumers, or workers…


I grew up hearing that the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer”.

I never expected the gap to grow as it has.

The principle of capitalism is pretty simple. Determine a product or service and sell it for a profit while reducing risk and cost as much as possible.

Where it goes form there, it isn’t anywhere near as simple. We had a society of nuclear families.  For those not familiar with the term, it WAS mother, father, and two kids. Our family definition has shifted as we have grown more accepting of the differences in people’s preferences. Families could have a parent at home with the kids and still enjoy their lives. I had a history teach in high school assert that it was gay couples that pushed that model to break. I find the theory to be bunk, but worthy of mention only as what people believe(d).

Business has also seen shifts. Those products or services are no longer just being sold for a profit. In Business Management 101 I was taught to “seek the point of market resistance” when determining price points. This is one of the dangers of capitalism. You price for whatever the people are willing to pay, regardless of your cost.  How much is a Tylenol, band-aid, or nicotine patch in a hospital? I saw some big numbers on my last bill.

When the capitalist moguls get enough money, they start supporting politicians more and more to gain favors in legislation.  Those favors bolster business to the point that we the people get lost. We are no longer as important. We just work for them, and buy their goods. This is where the poor, start getting poorer. Now families have to have two wage earners to make things work. How much of that is because we as a people feel that items formerly considered luxuries to be needs. cell phones, internet, cable/satellite tv, game systems, and the list goes on, to be needs.  Are they really needs? How much of our monthly bills are needless expenditures.

Now, our system does seem to permit a person with enough drive and a new idea to break into that system and “make something of themselves”.  This bring new money into the 1% to make up for those that pass away, do something stupid and end up in prison, or something.

Capitalism is good in it’s core. I have to take issue with capitalism when it is left unchecked.  The 1% needs to learn, that they do not need to scalp us of all that they are able to. They need to rein in their greed as a matter of social responsibility.  They plead that taxes stifle business. That may be the case, but as long as the common people are not able to make ends meet, the government will be compelled to spend more and more on social programs. Those programs take revenue.

Our society has decided that socialism is evil, as evil as communism. (our hypocrisy is telling that we are the land of the free unless we believe in socialism or communism.) They sure are happy about freeways, snowplows, power grid, water supplies etc provide for them. Does our system need to be purely socialist? No, I do not think so. I think those at the top saying that we should eat cake, need to find their limits voluntarily, before ugly stuff happens forcing them to have monopolies to be broken etc.



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