Artificial Intelligence and Sex

A couple of times a day as part of my job, I flip through my Twitter feed looking for the emergence of cyber security threats. Sometimes, some of the entertainment/technology feeds bring some fun topics.

It is expected that very soon, 2025 I think, we will be faced with a series or ethical and legal dilemmas.

We are about to enter an age that will include robotic involved sex.


Yes, we current;y have a phenomenal amount of toys, photos, videos, etc. There are those that have opted to include console games for their sexual pleasure as well.

Now, as artificial intelligence, cyberskin, and robotics march down this road, how long will it be before we will have to look at legal issues?


Currently in Washington, there are two or more parties; one the prostitute, and the john(s). The johns being the simple customer of the prostitute, fine. The prostitute must be a person to meet the other part of the crime. So if the pimp is offering up a bevy of robotic beauties, where is the crime? The viable objection to prostitution has always been the victimization of the sex worker. Once you take the person out of the equation, what do you have? Just the moral aspect of a married person? what is they are single?

To criminalize the act, you would have to make an AI robotic a person. That seems legally almost as intriguing as the ethical/moral aspects.

Are we ready to give computerized devices rights?


4 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and Sex”

  1. Sex dolls already exist. Sex dolls with moving parts, and the ability to speak (perhaps even pass a Turing test) are just more realistic sex dolls. Until we can gauge self-awareness, I cannot see a more complicated sex doll gaining the rights of a person in my lifetime. As far as the moral issue of a married man (or woman, let's be fair) using a sex doll… again, since it is not a person, it is not cheating. If it is a sex doll being provided by a third party, I think that becomes more of a health issue, and would likely run into some serious regulation, if allowed to go forward at all.

    1. The simple dolls have existed for a very long time. I did have to google what the Turing test is. I find that the right wing's desire to control the individual (for either revenue or oppression of less desirable actions) actions/rights may come into play soon. The feminine side of our populous tends to have a more stringent definition of cheating so be careful with that area.

  2. My wife (and I am sure most wives) would balk at the use of a standard sex doll, so I do not doubt they would have issues with more advanced models, but whether or not it constitutes adultery is between the involved parties.
    I agree that some people want to control what happens in other people's bedrooms.

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