What is Griz into now?

*** as always (since there are some new readers) my employer is to be left out of my posts. You can always email me if you have questions about this policy.

A few months ago, I was promoted to Cyber Security Analyst I.

Along with this promotion came a tremendous amount of studies. I need to come up to speed with the rest of my newly formed team.

There are several certifications I will be seeking.


You will also see some oddly geeky posts that I do not expect you to understand. Part of the upcoming posts will be my mental digestion processes. Another part of included will be cautionary tidbits that I discover that may be of use to you. Some of you follow my Twitter feed (@Pissed0ffpirate (with a zero)) so you have already started seeing the new cyber security content.

I hope that some will find it interesting and choose to me interactive with it. If not, that is okay, it is like practicing for a speech and other memory aids.






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